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The Fascinating Power of Striptease

Striptease is a common practice for a successful foreplay and it can be even more successful if you have some experience in the matter. However, if you don’t have experience but you want to seduce your partner from the very first striptease session, there are some tips that you can follow to make yourself irresistible. Women have many “weapons” to put together an intense striptease session but some know the secrets better than others and those secrets make the difference. Keep reading to find out the musts of a great striptease foreplay!

1. Have a sexy apparel collection

It is almost implied that you need a sexy outfit when you plan a hot striptease session but sometimes choosing one might a tricky business. You can choose a latex outfit or leather one as well as spandex or lace. There are plenty of sexy lingerie and dresses to wrap your body before you start losing one item at a time. You can also choose a thematic outfit such as French maid or British school girl and there are many hot costumes that you can use when you want to surprise and impress your lover. Make sure to add value to your body through the outfit that you are wearing. And don’t worry if you are not the skinniest girl on Earth because you can find plenty of sexy plus size apparel to become a sex bomb in a minute! Use your imagination and be as sexy as you want without letting any inhibitions be an obstacle for you.

2. Use your body language

A striptease session is nothing without a sexy body language. Use your hands and legs to reveal parts of your body, slowly, based on a hot and exciting music of your choice. There is no need to talk or be verbal at all but some moans are also very effective when you want to point out the essential moments of your dance such as when you lose a lingerie item. Look at your partner and invite them with your eyes to enjoy your body as much as they want. Soon enough you will be naked and you want your lover to be ready for a hot sexual encounter by then! When you choose your music make sure you pick a song that makes you feel confident as confidence is a sexy weapon on itself for every woman!

3. Give hints about a certain sex scene

You can also use your body language to let your partner know, in a subtle way, what are your sexual plans after the striptease session. Create the atmosphere for a certain roleplay that you have in mind and use a specific outfit that will make your lover think on the same page with you. Exciting your partner is easy is you pay attention to the right details! And they might be ready to join you even before your striptease song is over. However, don’t rush things. Take your time in order to introduce your lover into the same sexual fantasy that you have so you can both make the most out of it and release your fear while you are doing so. Everything is under control as long as you feel as sexy as you move!

Striptease can lead to an intense sexual encounter even when your partner doesn’t feel in the mood for one. Very few men can resist the effects of a hot striptease session and when you perform such a dance, make sure to seduce your partner with all your moves and looks. Be secure on your own beauty and know that your partner is enjoying every inch of your body that you choose to reveal. A professional striptease session will have you naked by the end of the song so no need to prolong it for more than a couple of minutes. This is enough to get your lover in the right mood and go together to the next sexual level!

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