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Things You Have to Know about Vaginas

Vaginas are fascinating and great sources of intense pleasure for both men and women. This is why you should know your girlfriend’s vagina better than you imagine, because by doing so you will also know how to get intense sexual satisfaction for both of you. And there are so many ways to stimulate a woman’s vagina that you might stay busy for years trying to find the perfect sex scene for it, and there is no joke or exaggeration here. Because along her life, a woman’s vagina and genitalia will also suffer several changes so you will need to adapt your stimulating session and sexual encounters to these changes. This can be both exciting and passionate if you know how to do it and how to indulge in intense sex scenes along the way. Because you will not just satisfy her but you will discover new ways to satisfy yourself as well!

1. The clitoris is the main pleasure point

You might or might not be aware of the fact that a woman’s clitoris is the main point of her sexual pleasure and it should also get most of your attention as well! Make sure to stimulate her clitoris during oral sex as well as during sexual intercourse by adapting your moves to her needs if you want to give her an intense sexual satisfaction that will also be returned to you in a lot more sexual energy. You can stimulate a woman’s clitoris by using a great vibrator or even an orgasm belt and you will obtain amazing results as well. This will also generate a natural lubricant also so you can have an even more enjoyable intercourse with your partner, exciting and intense for both of you.

2. Most women don’t reach an orgasm with vaginal intercourse alone

And speaking of intercourse, this is definitely not the way to lead your girl to an intense orgasm. You can count on the fact that intercourse generates a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction for a woman, but it doesn’t give her the ultimate climax that you are aiming for. You can add a pair of nipple clamps to stimulate her nipples during intercourse and this will increase her sexual energy a lot and also the quality of your intercourse. Some women also like to be anally stimulated by using certain anal plugs to turn them on in more than one way during your sexual encounters. Whatever other forms of sexual stimulation you might prefer or she might be into, never rely on the simple intercourse to reach a common orgasm. This might work for you as a man but it will never do the trick for your partner and the idea is for both of you to reach the level of sexual satisfaction that you need.

3. Each woman can be stimulated in a different way

And last but not least, it is very hard to find two women that are the same when it comes to sexual preferences. Vaginas can be stimulated in so many ways and most women have their own subjective preferences when it comes to this. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t master the perfect way of stimulating her from the beginning of your relationship. You will discover new aspects of her sexuality as you engage in more sexual encounters and you will enjoy every step of the way. For the first phase, communication is essential in order to get to know each other. Talk to her about her sexual fantasies and fetishes and see how you can fulfill them by using your imagination and creative skills. And keep in mind that while some women like breast stimulation during intercourse, others might not, and the same goes for anal games as well. Pay attention to her body and her reactions during sexual stimulation and intercourse and you will get a pretty good idea about what turns her on and what doesn’t!

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