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Hot Sex Tips & Tricks for Her

When Two Women Share a Man in Bed
Threesomes are extremely hot, and you shouldn’t deny yourself of such an amazing pleasure. There are many forms of threesomes that you can enjoy wi...
What Not to Do during Oral Sex - Golden Rules
Oral sex can be extremely intense, for both men and women but it can also be extremely sensitive especially when you are a beginner in the matter....
Tips to Make Him Orgasm Even Better
Men love orgasms, the many the better! But when you want to give him the climax of his life, you can follow certain tips and tricks that will simp...
Tips on How to Arouse Him by Only Playing with His Nipples
For some reason, men’s nipples tend to be ignored when we talk about foreplay and other sexually stimulating activities. This is a real shame beca...
The Secret To A More Exciting Sex Life
Before diving into sexual relationships with one or more partners and being open about your sexuality by engaging in certain fetishes, you should k...
Top 3 Sex Toys to Turn On Your Partner
Foreplay is an important part of your sexual encounters. Sometimes it can even be the key for you and your partner to experience an intense and exciting sex scene. If you plan to ignore foreplay, think again.
Key Secrets to Enchanting a Man
Being a woman is a great thing (except for maybe for three days of the month wink*) and one very good thing is our ability to completely enchant a man. Making men kneel wantonly in front of you may seem like a fantasy, but you have the power to do it if you wish so.
3 Ways to Handle His Big Penis
Having a good sized penis is a source of pride for most men and a reason for women’s happiness. However, sometimes a big size comes with challenges especially for their partners.
4 Hot Ways to Seduce Your Lover
No matter how long you have been in your intimate relationship, seduction is one of the most important aspects of such a connection between two partners. When it is done right, it will keep the spark of love burning for a longer time and it will entertain a healthy and happy relationship.
Top 3 Things to Do to a Naked Man
Your partner is most vulnerable to your sexual intensions when he is naked. Some men like to feel exposed, appreciated and stimulated at the same time. You will also find it very exciting to enjoy every single part of his sexy body. If you want to satisfy your man completely then you should try to mix these three aspects together to give him the ultimate sexual pleasure.
3 Tongue Moves to Turn On Your Partner
When it comes to a good session of sexual stimulation, there are so many options. It might be quite hard to discover the perfect one for you and your partner. You can choose to use your imagination and some sex toys plus accessories to enjoy several orgasms with your partner even without sexual intercourse.
Top 10 Mistakes Women Make During Sex
Women are amazingly sensual and fiery species when it comes to sexual encounters. However, to be able to lure and entice a male partner for sex also requires skill and experience. One mistake can be such a turn off to your partner and may create a long-time impression.
Top 3 Things He Wishes You Do in Bed
Men have untold, lusty desires they wish to fulfill in the bedroom. They might not be very vocal about all of it but they all have. If your partner finds it hard to express his sexual cravings, then you might be left guessing what the best thing is to pursue during your sexual encounter.
Top Secrets to Keep Him Hooked and Interested!
If you want to get a guy’s attention you should definitely take into account some tips that can help you out. And perhaps, more importantly you want to keep his attention once you have captured it.
3 Best Sex Toys for Every Woman to Use
Satisfying your lover might be tricky especially when you’re in a long term relationship. The burning passion and the spark both partners had at the beginning may fade over time. Luckily, your sexual life doesn’t have to be a boring, monotonous routine at all.
The Biggest Turn Ons for Men
Many things can turn on men and you can say everyone is different of course. But some universal things tend to really attract men. If you want to turn a man on without almost any effort then you have arrived at the right place.
3 Things to Do to His Balls During Oral Sex
It is no secret your man likes oral sex. He can even reach an intense orgasm from such an exciting stimulation. But it is not always about the penis when it comes to giving him the pleasure of his life.
3 Things Women Do to Turn Off Men
Guys are just as easy to turn off as they are to turn on. But most of the things to turn a guy off are not even so obvious. You will have to pay extra attention to certain gestures or attitudes.
3 Must Have Sex Accessories for Women
Every woman must maintain her sex appeal to feel good about herself and most of all, to attract new partners. The way you look has a strong impact on others. It will also give you confidence during your sexual encounters.
Sex Surprises for Special Occasions
There is nothing like a sexy surprise to give your lover like an unforgettable night when you celebrate your anniversary or for a special holiday and even when there is no special occasion. You can make from an ordinary night a really amazing one by simply setting up a wonderful and unique sexual encounter to stimulate your lover and give both of you some pleasure!
Hottest Accessories for Your Bondage Games
When it comes to bondage, you really must use your imagination as much as you can, then combine it with your sexual desires to obtain an amazing sex scene. If your partner contributes some new ideas as well, you are set for an amazing and marvelous experience.
Beginner’s Guide to Orgasm Control
If you never tried orgasm denial during your sexual encounters before, you are missing out! By performing this practice, the submissive or slave is not allowed to reach an orgasm without the dominant’s or master’s approval. This can get very intense for both of them and the sexual energy rises during the BDSM scene.
Why Public Sex is so Hot
Public sex is a fetish on its own and sometimes, it doesn’t even matter what kind of sex is performed as long as it is done publicly or with an audience. In some cases, it is not even about the sexual encounter as much as it is about the exposed nudity aspect of the scene.
Things to Expect when you go through a Dry Spell
For some reason or the other, we all have time in our lives when we don’t have that much sex. This is usually due to not having a partner for some time, being out of the dating scene for a while or even a long distance relationship.

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