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How to Have Better Orgasms (for Him)

When you look around, it seems there are articles on how to improve female orgasms everywhere you look, but how about masculine orgasms? Female orgasms dominate the conversation more often than not, and it’s quite a shame because ‘hey, men can also take some tips how to improve their orgasms’ and with that I completely agree. There are some simple steps you can take in order to have mind-blowing orgasms, so if you are interested (and I know you are!), just keep reading!

Probably the first element you can incorporate into your sex life to take your orgasms to the next level is to start stimulating your perineum. If you don’t know what the perineum is, I am simply referring to that part between the testicles and the ass. And yes, it is a highly sensitive area filled with a bunch of nerves, so you definitely want to incorporate it to your sexual activities. A lot of men actually guarantee they can have multiple orgasms while the perineum is being stimulated; this is probably due to the fact the prostate gland can be easily reached from the perineum wall. So next time you are having penetrative or oral sex, you can ask your partner to put pressure with their finger right there. You will notice a difference right away (and a very intense orgasm for sure!)

Edging is another great way to improve your orgasms. If you are not familiar with edging, it simply means holding back and stopping right at the brink of orgasm. If you are wondering why the heck that would be a good time, I have the answer for you: edging actually makes ensuing orgasms more intense. And I’m not just saying that, science says so too! Just bring yourself to the cusp of orgasm, stop and calm down, and then start all over again. The idea is to do this a couple of times before you actually allow yourself to come…and you could do this either with a partner or on your own.

According to science, increasing your testosterone levels can also make your orgasms better…and will make it easier for you to come. Going for a run or lifting weights are just a few activities that can increase that male hormone within your body. So next time you’ve just returned from the gym, try having sex to see if there is any difference in the intensity of your orgasm. I’ll be waiting to hear from the report back wink*

Another activity you could try is Kegel exercises. You may be familiar with this term already; while they are usually associated with women’s health, men can also benefit from performing them as well. Kegel exercises in women strengthen those pelvic muscles, allowing them to be in better control of their orgasms. And is the same thing carries over on their male counterparts.

Kegel exercises contract the muscles of the pelvic floor, just like contracting your biceps or pectorals. So when these muscles are strengthened, you are able to be in better control of them. You can incorporate a routine into your daily life; the movement to reach those pelvic muscles is like trying to lift your penis up and down with those muscles. You can also try writing the alphabet with those muscles, if you are looking for a challenge!

Another tip men can take from women is the g-spot. The female g-spot has been the subject of much attention throughout the years, but do you know men also have a g-spot? The prostate is the analogue of that organ in men. One way to stimulate it is through the perineum, like I mentioned. But if you are looking for something more intense, you will need to get inside. Your partner can begin by inserting his or her cleaned and lubed finger or toy about two inches inside your anus. They will feel the spot right away because it is a nut sized gland that is very sensitive…and you will be able to tell for sure. The next step is to simply put some pressure on it or even lightly thrust, and you’ll see results very quickly!

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