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Sex Moves that Drive Men Crazy

We all want to drive our partner insane during our sexual encounters and not just for our mutual sexual satisfaction but also for the sake of our relationship and intimacy level. Sex is the most intense aspect of intimacy and it can’t be replaced when it is not going the way we planned. However, men do have some secret buttons that we can push in order to make them more excited and fight that orgasm even harder so they can enjoy us more during a sex scene. You can apply these tips regardless to the kind of sex you are into because they are universal and work in any situation, even during quickies!

1. Use your mouth

Your mouth can do miracles in so many aspects and it can take a regular sexual experience to a highly intense and satisfying one. There is no need to make a routine out of your sexual life when you can make it a special event every time you and your lover meet in the bedroom. The most obvious way to use your mouth is to give him a blowjob, but everyone knows that! How about you use a penis gag for a change so he can watch you while you stimulate his body in other ways? Or, you can bite your lip every now and then when you feel the level of excitement rising between the two of you. This small gesture will show him just how much he turns you and will excite him even more in return. And, of course, you can use your mouth to kiss and explore different parts of his body like his chest. Men love chest kisses, or his neck and if you aim for the back of his neck you are on for a winner!

2. Play with his ears

Now many women know that men have sensitive ears which doesn’t mean that they hear better but that you can use this tip to sexually stimulate them better. If you want to surprise your guy and make him lose his mind, kiss and suck on his ear occasionally during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation. You will hear him moan of pleasure and feel his hands reaching to touch more of your body. Don’t be shy and use both your lips and your tongue when you do that. And if you want to stimulate his ear with using some other parts of your body, your hands tend to work just fine. A man loves soft hands touching him in such sensitive areas.

3. Dirty talk

Do you enjoy when you two share sex toys and accessories that make you feel naughty such as nipple clamps, prostate stimulator or even bondage accessories? How about you add some dirty words to the entire fun? You can start soft and end up using really kinky words to turn your guy on and all men love to hear kinky words during sex. You don’t need to use your imagination too much, either. Simply start talking and describe the sensations that you are feeling when he does certain sexual acts or how you would like to try new and kinkiest fetishes with him. He will become more brave and excited every time you say something dirty and for experienced couples in this fetish, you can move to the verbal humiliation type of dirty talk which can even make him orgasm before you know it!

Men are complex but not so hard to satisfy if you follow your sexual instincts and don’t get limited by your own inhibitions. By all means, do not be shy during sexual intercourse and don’t be afraid to stimulate your lover in any way you want because you don’t know just how intense a new fetish can get! And there is nothing like a surprise stimulation to spice things up in bed!

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