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Things Every Guy Wants during Sex

Your guy might seem easy to please but that can only be an illusion. Even if they don’t express all their sexual expectations and they declare themselves satisfied once they reach an orgasm, they will be pleased to see that you considered them all. If you want to give your man, the most intense sexual experience of his life you will have to think of their needs besides your personal pleasure. And they will be more than happy to return the favour on your next moment of intimacy. Give and take is a wonderful game, especially during sexual encounters!

1. Don’t neglect his balls

A man’s penis might be the center of his sexual pleasure and satisfaction and it surely deserves most of your attention. However, it is important to consider the entire package when you want to fully satisfy your man and their balls are part of that package. Don’t neglect them when you give him the blowjob of his life and also make sure to gently touch him during sexual stimulation or sexual intercourse every now and then. This will show them that you are thinking of their pleasure separate from yours and will make them to return the attention. Also, it will make them have a much more intense orgasm.

2. Dirty talk

Respect has no place in the bedroom. Not if you want an intense sexual experience to share with your partner. And, they will appreciate it even more if you overcome your inhibitions and push your limits. Dirty talk is a great way to spice things up but also a great way to lead your man to an exciting orgasm before he even realizes it. You can use dirty talk during sexual stimulation as well as during sexual intercourse and be just as successful. Chances are that He will be instantly turned on to hear you describing all the naughty things that you want to experience and all the sensations that being with him makes you feel. Mix dirty talk with moans when you enjoy a butt plug or a dildo or when you wear a pair of nipple clamps, and they will be all over you. If you feel comfortable enough, you can evolve fast to verbal humiliation, however this depends on your partner’s preferences as well. Your man will join you in this process and you two will have a very intense sexual conversation that will go perfectly with the naughty sex scene that you are enjoying.

3. Anal stimulation

This might come as a surprise for many women, but men like to be anally stimulated too. They might not all like anal intercourse, but stimulation can be very exciting and intense. And the market offers a variety of sex toys that you can use from butt plugs that come in different sizes and are made of different materials, to prostate stimulators. They say a prostate is a man’s G-Spot and that can be easily verified by stimulating them and enjoy their excited reaction. You can stimulate your man’s prostate during sexual intercourse or during a sexual stimulation session. They will be thankful for it and your entire sexual experience will be much more satisfying. Not to mention that multiple stimulation during sex is one of the most hottest aspects that a couple can apply to spice up their intimacy.

If you concentrated your attention only on your man’s penis until now, time has come for some diversity. You can use your imagination and creative skills to add as many sex tips and practices as you want to these basic ones. And also, take into consideration your partner’s preferences and their erogenous zones as different guys have different sexual desires and fetishes. Trying to fulfil and satisfy as many of these as possible is a guarantee path to sexual success for both of you. And your relationship will be a lot better as well.

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