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Why Men Don't Like Condoms

Condoms are the most popular and affordable birth control methods all over the world and even if not everyone is a fan of them, they should definitely be an option due to the variety of health benefits that they bring. Not only they offer protection against unwanted pregnancies but they also offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases, which should be a priority for all of us. However, men always made a compromise when they decide to wear one of these rubber magical items. And they have their reasons for not liking them. If you are wondering why condoms are not so popular among men, let’s see some of their most important reasons!

1. They damage self-confidence

A man’s sexual confidence is mostly based on the sexual performances of his penis, in any intimate way possible. A condom is not necessarily something that empowers that confidence for guys, and in some cases, it is a great mental obstacle. Studies shown that guys who wear condoms are most likely to feel frustrated and unsatisfied during sex than guys who don’t wear them. However, when you wear a condom, you can make sure to increase sexual stimulation in other ways. Maybe use some extra sex toys like nipple clamps of butt plugs to satisfy your partner simultaneously. This will increase your manly confidence and sense of control over the entire sex scene and will make you feel more secure on your actions.

2. Decrease sensitivity

Even if a condom brings other benefits, it doesn’t work in the favor of a good level of sensitivity that a guy needs during sex. Their senses are awake during sexual encounters and even more so during sexual intercourse and that has a great contribution when it comes to an intense and exciting orgasm. However, when a condom gets in between, the sensitivity level is not only reduced but completely different than the other way around. This can be an aspect that responsible guys get used to over time and learn to appreciate sex in different ways but for beginners it might not be comfortable at all. And it definitely isn’t pleasant since men want to feel as much as they can during sexual encounters and whatever stays in their way is an obstacle that can affect their sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

3. Prolongs an orgasm

For some, a prolonged orgasm can be a good thing but it is not so all the time. Imagine you want to climax but you can’t do that due to a…condom. Because some men do have that struggle and they tend to be against condoms for this particular reason. However, if you are a guy who is facing this problem you can always find ways to work around it. First of all, focus on stimulating your partner,

maybe with some sex toys and accessories of your choice and take your mind of the fact that you are wearing a condom during intercourse. You can spank your partner during anal sex or you can make them wear a blindfold during a hot blowjob. These details will distract your attention from what bothers you and you will be more into what turns you on and keeps you excited. In time, condoms will not be a problem anymore and they can even become part of a healthy sexual routine at least as long as you don’t have a constant partner.

It is very important to realize that none of these apparent issues should stop a couple from using such a good protection during sexual encounters, because health comes always first. Especially since such issues tend to go away with time and experience and you will not have any problems at all. However, men will never deliberately like something that stays between them and their sexual pleasure and satisfaction so it takes some mind training and sexual encounters to realize the importance of wearing a condom and how to do it best to improve your sex life and not damage it.

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