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The Best Types of Sex Scenes If You Like Cross-Dressing

Crossdressing can be a really exciting fetish to have and it is interesting to be explored by couples of all genders and sexual orientation. But the best kind of crossdressing is when a sexy man tries out sexy woman outfits that help him get in touch with his feminine side. If you are in the BDSM community, you probably know that crossdressing is a big deal when it comes to unique yet fascinating sex scenes that you can engage in along with your lover. But if you are a beginner, it might be challenging to associate crossdressing with different sex scenes that could bring both of you intense erotic experiences. So, here are some ideas to break the ice and get your mind going in the right direction!

1. Different roleplays

As a crossdresser you can try out pretty much all types of roleplays you want from vanilla ones to more intense BDSM ones. You can use any type of outfits from maid costumes to nurse costumes and any other type of crossdressing apparel that will add some excitement to your sex life. Medical play is one of the hottest roleplays that couples who like to crossdress enjoy because it has a lot of potential. You can use open mouth gags and several other sex toys and accessories, which is why you will be able to play this sex scene for hours at a time! It is so intense that you might want to save this sexual encounter for the weekend. Use your imagination to be the best nurse or the best maid possible and make the entire sex scene that much more realistic by adding to it your potential personality. Your lover will be quick to join you and discover new sexual sensations with you so don’t hesitate to give these roleplays a try every time you feel like switching genders.

2. Discipline scenes

Within the BDSM community, discipline sex scenes are very popular among all types of couples. And if you combine these sex scenes with crossdressing, you will be sure to obtain an impressive sexual experience that will satisfy both of you. Use your favourite toys such as a paddle or a whip to spank your submissive male dressed like a sexy maid and you will get the feeling that you are disciplining a completely new person. Crossdressing will bring into the light different aspects of your slave’s personality and you will enjoy a more intense and unique sex scene each time!

3. Pet and pony play

Pet and pony play is very exciting for everyone who enjoys some domination mixed with a lot of cuteness during their sex scenes. And there are plenty of such couples within the BDSM community which is why you should definitely give this type of fetish a try. Dress your slave partner into your favourite pet by using sexy outfits and accessories to make everything seem more realistic. You can find on the market a bunch of furry accessories including fur butt plugs and you can combine them with a cute makeup as well. Use your imagination to engage a lot more in such a sex scene because it is up to you to make it a complete success! It is a good idea to discover new sexual activities that you can mix along with your pet and pony fetish as long as both of you enjoy what is going on.

If you like crossdressing you are on for a true adventure every time you get intimate with your lover. You can also crossdress in public when you go to special events, an LGBTQ meeting or even to party in the club. Keep in mind that everything that takes place between you and your partner during such a sex scene should be safe, sane and consensual. So, if you are not sure what to do in terms of a sexual scenario, you can feel free to experiment with different strategies until you find just what you both like as long as no one’s safety is at risk. Crossdressing offers you the occasion to try out a wide variety of outfits and sex toys without being worried that they might not be suitable for your gender. And you should always make the most out of this type of experience because it can have a great impact on your relationship and sex life!

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