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Beginner’s Guide to Dressing up with a Corset

Corsets are beautiful pieces of garment you can wear on their own or underneath your clothing. But as anyone who has ever worn one can tell you, they can also be a bit of a pain in the ass *wink* Getting dressed while you are wearing a corset is not an easy feat. Indeed, such a restrictive garment binding your whole torso is a challenge any cross dresser or corset-wearing person can tell you about.

Even so, they can create amazing sexy body shapes. In fact, corsets are the best way to create the illusion of a small waist in an instant while flattening your belly. Thus, making you have the best posture you will ever have along with emphasizing your hips and chest. But all this comes at a cost. Their restrictive nature makes it harder to get normal things done, like picking something off the floor or getting dressed even doing your hair and makeup. Then again, if you can get around those little inconveniences, it is completely worth it in the end.

Like I said, getting dressed can be quite hard. Keep in mind you will need to put on undergarments, breasts forms, a skirt and even shoes before you even put on and lace the corset up. When you are done with all of the outfit part, you will need to know how to continue with the other items to complete your look.

For instance, some people like to put on their makeup before they put on the corset. They find it easier to do this while sitting down without the garment. But other people find they like to put on the corset before applying makeup because they tend to sweat while cinching up the piece. Obviously you wouldn’t want to be a sweaty mess after spending precious minutes creating a work of art on your face.

On the other hand, some people find they are more comfortable putting on makeup with the corset in place as they have already broken in the garment. It only means the corset has adjusted to the shape of their body so it might feel less restrictive.

So, at the end of day it is all about how it works best for you and your particular situation (like so many things in life…*wink*)

If this is the case for you, then put on a robe or a towel above the corset. You wouldn’t want to stain your piece with foundation, liquid eyeliner, lipstick or even powder. Because yes, it doesn’t matter if you are an expert in makeup, accidents can happen to the best of us and the next thing you know, your corset has a huge black stain because the tip of your eyeliner fell on it.

Your wig is one of the last steps in the whole process of getting dressed. You want to put it on after you do your make up because it will likely make you sweat, and as established before, the last thing you want on your face is sweat when doing your makeup.

Finally, you want to add the final touches to your look and this probably includes jewelry. This is often because the sharp edges on certain pieces of jewelry either get tangled in your laces or scratch the panels of your corset. So be extra careful with them and leave out the jewelry until you have already laced up your piece.

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