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Your Ultimate Guides to Crossdressing

Beginner’s Guide to Dressing up with a Corset
Corsets are beautiful pieces of garment you can wear on their own or underneath your clothing. But as anyone who has ever worn one can tell you, they can also be a bit of a pain in the ass *wink* Getting dressed while you are wearing a corset is not an easy feat.
The Best Types of Sex Scenes If You Like Cross-Dressing
Crossdressing can be a really exciting fetish to have and it is interesting to be explored by couples of all genders and sexual orientation. But the best kind of crossdressing is when a sexy man tries out sexy woman outfits that help him get in touch with his feminine side.
Thrilling Tips for Cross-Dressing Outside Your Sex Life
If you are into crossdressing, you most likely love to explore your sexuality to its deepest levels. Crossdressing opens a whole new world of possibilities for you and your lover as you should be able to enjoy plenty of sex fetishes and fantasies together.
The Highly Erotic Aspects of Cross-Dressing
Cross-dressing comes with a lot of advantages for your sexuality and emotional state as well. Here are the best aspects about cross-dressing and how this practice can increase you eroticism!
Get to Know Yourself Better by Trying Cross-Dressing Fetishes
If you don’t know just right what we are talking about, here are some things to consider when you are not sure if you should cross-dress or not!
How to Get the Right Waist Training Corset for Cross Dressing
Given the popularity of cross dressing itself and waist training, it is only natural they go together like bread and butter. These are different practices that can have a natural link, so it is not a surprise that so many men who cross dress also practice it.
How to Do Waist Training with Corsets
Waist training is a great method for all of those seeking a thinner and more slender waist. It is used widely by women all over the world…and it is also very popular amongst cross dressers out there.
How to Do Waist Training for Crossdressing
What man doesn’t want to have a well-defined waist? Cross dressers spend a lot of time and effort trying to achieve that so looked after feminine hourglass shape.
How to be a Sexy Cross Dressing Vixen
For all the cross dressers out there, is really important to highlight their best features. Part of this whole process is to take advantage of yourself and put your best assets on display…as a woman.
Crossdressing Etiquette: Dealing with Facial Hair When Crossdressing
Probably one of the main problems cross dressers face on their daily life is the beard and the stubble. More specifically, covering the beard and the stubble effectively.
Guide to Corsets for Crossdressing & More
Ohh the world of corsets…it is as big as an oyster…because the world is our oyster (get it?...ehh, ok, I’ll admit I’m not even sure where I was going with that one). The point here is: the world of corsets has a lot of terms and definitions completely engrained with the lifestyle of wearing corsets.
How to Date as a Cross Dresser
Dating in the world of waist trainers, wigs and breasts forms is quite an experience. And well, classic dating is complicated enough as it is, so adding a bit of cross dressing to the mix, certainly adds on a bit of fun sprinkles to it wink*
Crossdressing Etiquette: Voice Training Tips to Sound Like a Woman
For many cross dressers, the whole process can be quite easy and straightforward: you simply put on a dress, stockings, a wig and a pair of heels…and the right attitude of course wink*
Crossdressing Etiquette: Boxerhose or Men's Pantyhose
It may come as a bit of a surprise here, but I have to break down the truth for ya’: men have been wearing pantyhose for a very long time. Maybe not in the context we are used to seeing it, but my point is: men have been wearing those garments for longer than you may think.
How to Get Started Cross Dressing
Learning and accepting you enjoy cross dressing can be somewhat difficult. If you ask most men that have been doing it for a while and have finally come to terms with it, chances are they will tell you they did it secretly for a long time before coming out.
Crossdressing Etiquette: Tips to Hide Your Secrets when Crossdressing
As you know, what you got underneath yourclothes matters just as much as what is above them, wink*. And I’m just talking about a pretty silk and lace thing, I’m talking about more practical things that will make you achieve the look you want.
Crossdressing Etiquette: Guide to Choosing Breast Form Size for Him
Any man who envisions himself as a woman sometimes probably has a clear idea about what kind of woman he wants to be and how will she look like.
Autumn's Cross Dressing Guide: Crossdresser’s Fun Travel Bag Essentials
A common scenario in life is when you go away for a few days, whether on vacation, a business trip or just to stay in a hotel for a night. Usually, these scenarios are planned or, to the least, you’d expect to get lucky with your special someone wink*.
Learn to Walk in High Heels with Confidence!
Heels are one of the basics in every cross dresser closet, but learning how to walk around in them can be somewhat of a challenge. That is why is so important to master them properly, so keep reading to have the best tips on it wink*.
Crossdressing Etiquette: When to Splurge and Save on Makeup Must Haves
Every cross dresser can tell you make up is a necessity for them. Make up will help you create the illusion to successfully pass as a woman, so it’s important that you get and buy some basics.
Life After Crossdressing Enjoying Your New Sex Identity
If you had not noticed, sex after coming out as a cross dresser changes, wink*… But that is not a bad thing! It’s just that things will be a bit different, that is all. Communication and honesty with your partner will be the pillar stone on your path, so keep them in mind as you go in this journey (this sounded a lot more inspirational that I meant it to sound, but ok, right?)
Let Your Inner Light Shine Confidently Cross Dressing Out Into The World!
The moment when you decide to start cross dressing is a very big one. You can have those thoughts and desires since a very long time before you actually decide to take the plunge and start to do it.
Hiding from the 5 O’clock Shadow: Remove Your Beard Cleanly for Crossdressing
A beard can be the worse thing to happen to a cross dresser… Because, let’s face it, few things can ruin the illusion of being a woman as a beard does. Getting a closed shave can it’s really important here and mastering the technique can take some time.
Hot Weather Make Up Tips for the Perfect Face
Any woman or cross dresser can tell you how hard it is to avoid keeping a running face of make up when it’s about 200 degrees out there (Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but you know where I’m going with this). If you live in a place with hot weather or places with a very hot summer, it can be quite a challenge to keep your make up perfect.

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