Why and How to Wear a Catsuit

Catsuits are extremely sexy and they can fit a variety of BDSM scenes. Catsuits can come in a variety of materials, models and colors and they can be a great outfit for your submissive partner regardless to their gender and sexual orientation. Using your imagination when your slave is dressed in such a hot suit is essential but there are also some basics that can be applied to have a successful sexual encounter with such a costume. It is important to know that catsuits are not necessarily part of a roleplay even if they can be. You can use the catsuit while you do any BDSM scene and without any limits whatsoever! Not to mention that latex catsuits are a fetish on themselves when it comes to some BDSM enthusiasts. So, let’s see how you can use your slave’s sexuality while they are wearing a sexy and exciting catsuit and are ready to be stimulated and controlled by you!

1. Bondage and catsuits

When your submissive partner is wearing a catsuit you can tie them in any form of bondage that you want, from restraint systems to rope bondage or tape bondage. It will be so much hotter to try such BDSM scenes when your partner is covered in the charming latex material or leather material and they only reveal their face and their feet. However, there are catsuits that reveal even more skin or that have zips and buttons that you can undo if you want to access some intimate parts of your lover and stimulate their nipple or genitalia. The fetish that exists among the BDSM community for latex outfits is growing constantly and the catsuits are on the top of preferences when it comes to most couples.

2. Sexual stimulation and Impact play

When you want to sexually stimulate your partner you can have access to any part of their body. Most likely, their nipples will show through the catsuit and you can use nipple clamps on top of the outfit or underneath it, according to your sexual preferences. Vibrators also work great for clitoris stimulation while your female partner is dressed in such an exciting suit. And nothing is hotter than to see your partner indulge in an intense orgasm while they are wearing the catsuit, under your sexual stimulation and control. Impact play is also a great sexual practice to engage in while your slave is wearing a catsuit. You will be able to spank them or whip them so much better and you can increase the intensity of such acts since they are covered by the latex material! Your slave will love such a sexual stimulation and they will get so excited while you perform your controlling techniques over their helpless body!

3. Verbal humiliation

To spice things even more, you can always add some verbal humiliation during a BDSM scene that involves a catsuit. Verbal humiliation is great and a huge turn on in any BDSM scene but when such an exciting suit is involved, your words will have so much more power and control over your submissive partner. A catsuit gives a slave a fake sense of power that you will crush as soon as you use your control weapons and see them enduring all the sexual practices that you would like them to endure! And you will have multiple orgasms while you are doing so.
Besides all these main sexual encounters that you can set up while your slave is wearing a BDSM scene, you can always use your imagination to find new ones and add new sex toys and accessories to the game. The more open mind you are about such sexual fetishes the higher your sexual pleasure and satisfaction will be. And of course, you can incorporate the catsuit into a variety of roleplays with specific themes according to your sexual fantasies and preferences. Everything is hot as long as you reach as many climaxes as possible and your partner enjoys it just as much!

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