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The Ultimate Guide to Erotic Roleplay

Role Play Fantasy with Sex Position Strap Bondage Play
Sex position strap bondage has gotten more popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why! Role play fantasy with sex position strap and bondag...
Why and How to Wear a Catsuit
Catsuits are extremely sexy and they can fit a variety of BDSM scenes. Catsuits can come in a variety of materials, models and colors and they can...
10 Tips to Turn Your Bed into the Ultimate Bondage Playground
You can have an amazing bondage and kinky sex experience right in your own bed with just a little imagination and these great 10 tips to turn your bed into the ultimate bondage playground.
3 Sexy Ways to Use Music in the Bedroom for an Erotic Adventure
Setting up a romantic evening takes into consideration a lot of aspects to make sure it will lead to an amazing sexual encounter with your partner. Remember, your main goal is to reach an intense climax and such an evening can offer you this experience and so much more!
3 Steps to an Extreme Dirty Talk Experience
Dirty talk can be highly exciting during sexual encounters, especially if you know how to use it to increase the sexual energy between you and your partner! However, there are several levels of dirty talk you can use to reach more intense and exciting orgasms. It is a good idea to talk to your partner beforehand to understand where they stand when it comes to dirty talk.
More Sexy Role Play Ideas for Couples to Try
Role playing with your partner is great fun and super sexy. It is a great chance to explore different sexual fantasies and scenarios you could have only dreamed of. However, there are cases and moments when we are simply stumped on what to do and it seems we have run out of ideas.
Hot Twists to Your Basic Roleplay Scenarios
Are you already tired of the basic role-play scenarios? Are you looking for something new and different? Let your imagination run wild. Try taking some of the standards and shaking them up—perhaps by switching gender roles or adding an unexpected twist.
The Power of Passionate Kissing
If you think that kissing is just a casual intimate act, you might want to think again! Many couples underestimate the power of kissing and tend to take it for granted, which only works against intimacy on the long-run. Don’t ignore your intimate gestures, and rather learn to use them in your favor if you want to develop a happy and healthy relationship.
Roleplay Scenarios to Enjoy Tonight
You can experiment and explore plenty of things when it comes to your sexual life. One of the simplest ways you can do this is through role playing with your partner. The great thing about role playing is you can be as many things as you wish to be. There are endless scenarios and ideas out there you can try.
Secrets to an Erotic One Night Stand
Sometimes you just want to have a passionate night of sex with no strings attached. In this modern era, this idea is totally great! However, you do need to learn how to do it right. Yes, there is a right way to do it.
Hot Bondage Roleplay Ideas for Couples
I’ve always said role playing can come in many forms. Combining role play with bondage can be a good example of how you can explore the possibilities of this set up. You can totally add some other restrictive elements to your role play to make it even more exciting and fun.
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Greener And Kinkier
Who would have thought that St. Patrick’s Day can be hotter and sexier? The last time I checked, it was all about leprechauns and black beer but not with kinky-minded, naughty sweethearts like us, we know it can be something else.
Sex Detox: Ways to Recharge Your Erotic Sex Life
Your sexual desire might not always be at its highest parameters and this can happen for a variety of reasons. Life, stress, daily events and even routine which might affect us in a multitude of ways.
BDSM Role-playing Scenarios to Try Tonight
For many, what they do as part of their BDSM play (or any type of sex play) is to shed their everyday persona and adopt a whole new personality, even for the moment. Indeed, Role-playing allows you to break free from your usual image.
Why is Gold Bondage Gear so Extremely Sexy?
A good bondage session should never be underestimated but what if you add some gold to the entire scene? Well, that apparently small details can change the entire outcome especially if you are going for the big price of sexual satisfaction with your kinky partner!
How to Experience Erotic Pain For Mind Blowing Orgasms
The BDSM community is all about mixing different ways of sexual stimulation in order to increase pleasure and sexual satisfaction and the possibilities to do so are endless, because there is a fetish for everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation of the partners.
How to Initiate Fantasy Play
Fantasy play is of many kinds and it can get as specific as you want it to be as long as you have what it takes to make it exciting and keep it engaging for both of you.
How to Prepare a Great "Interrogation Scene"
An interrogation scene in the BDSM community develops with the dominant partner being the interrogator or torturer while the submissive partner or the slave is person being interrogated orthe victim.
5 Hot Foreplay Tips to have Better Sex
What are the keys to good foreplay and what accessories can you use at this time? Here’s what you need to know.
Naughty Ideas For The Best Roleplay Scenarios
So, if you want to maintain the passion alive in you couple life, here are some fun and exciting roleplays that you should definitely try at least once!
3 Ways a Spreader Bar Makes Fetishes Better
All these details make a spreader bar more than just simple sex toy to make your intimate life more interesting. Here are some exciting ideas to make the most out of a spreader bar even if you are a beginner at using such a sex toy!
3 Sensitive Areas to Stroke in an Erotic Massage
Erotic massages are a great addition to the intimate moments you and your lover share. Here are some areas you should focus on when you want to turn your lover mad with passion by giving them an erotic massage.
3 Reasons to Try the Hard-to-Get Role Play
If you have never tried the hard-to-get role play, then here is why this game is considered to be so hot and satisfying by so many couples worldwide!
How to Give the Perfect Hand Job
Giving your guy a hand job can be great foreplay. He will not only fall in love with you but he will cherish your hands a lot more once you get good at this type of “job”. So, learn some secrets to drive him crazy!

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