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Hot Role-Play Scenarios to Try Tonight

One great thing about role-playing is it gives you permission to act in a way that may be totally unlike your everyday behavior. This is the perfect excuse to let that inner tigress finally come out to roar! If you tend to be on the shy side, take advantage of the opportunity to be bold and aggressive. You don’t need to be embarrassed. After all, it’s not you—it’s just a character you portray.

Part of the fun of role-playing is coming up with your own creative scenarios. But if you are just starting out or can’t seem to think of any ideas, there are some tried-and-true standard setups that many couples have enjoyed. Take these as starting points, and put your own sexy twist on them!

Athlete and Cheerleader

You may never have had the faintest hope of making it to the big leagues—or even the junior varsity squad—but now you have the chance to live out your dreams of being a “big baller.” Maybe your partner can even create a special cheer just for you. And if you have always thought cheerleaders were snobby, this is your chance to put one in her place. The best part: you are virtually guaranteed to score!

Steward/Stewardess and Passenger or Pilot

Give new meaning to the term “cabin service.” Having a stewardess at your service will make you feel like you are going first class all the way and you may find yourself in the “fully upright position” way before takeoff. If you can’t join the Mile High Club in real life, this can be an exciting alternative. Or you can be the master of your cockpit and show the sexy steward or stewardess exactly what you mean by “captain’s orders.”

Nurse and Patient or Doctor and Nurse

The best part about this scenario is, if you are the patient, all you have to do is lie in bed and enjoy the tender loving care of your knockout nurse. If you are really lucky, maybe she will give you a sponge bath. Or you can play doctor and nurse, and sneak off for a quickie in the supply closet. Or give each other examinations.

Boss and Secretary

The “boss” can chase the “secretary” around the desk, or come up with some creative types of sexual harassment. In a real office environment, it would be totally inappropriate to make your secretary service you orally from under the desk while you are on a conference call, or to make her answer your phone while she straddles you in the nude. Fortunately, this is your fantasy office, where anything goes.

Rich Lady and Pool Boy

You are a strapping young man just trying to make a living in the hot sweaty sun—which forces you to take off your shirt, of course. Suddenly you spot the rich lady of the house, strutting around poolside in her skimpy bathing suit. The pool boy can offer to assist the lady of the house in applying her sun lotion—or perhaps she will decide to do some topless sunbathing.

Repairman and Lonely Housewife

This is the premise of many a classic porn flick. The virile young contractor arrives to fix the leaky roof—only to be greeted by the housewife in her revealing negligee. She is bored and lonely at home by herself all day and it has been way too long since she has been satisfied by a man. The repairman’s job is to show her exactly what she has been missing—but he has to finish the job before her husband gets home.

Teacher’s Pet

In real life, of course, any sexual contact between teacher and student would be a no-no. But in your fantasy world, there is no such taboo (well, maybe there is, but you are allowed to do it anyway—that’s what makes it so exciting). Let’s see how far the student is willing to go to earn that A. She shouldn’t be too shocked if her teacher bends her over the desk, entering her from behind. For added effect, the “student” could sport some cute pigtails that bounce up and down as the thrusting picks up speed.

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