What You Must Know as a Submissive

The submissive mindset is a curious thing. For your relationship to work you need to obey your Master and that is the way it should be. However this can make up for some trickier things. And I say trickier because there are some things that can easily be forgotten or simply diluted along the way. We all need a reminder for time to time in order to keep our sanity intact and that is why I’m here for.

As a submissive you have the right to set boundaries and limits. And your requirements need to be understood and respected. Setting boundaries and respect are two-way streets, so you should expect them from your dominant as they expect them from you. Just as well, your dominant should also trust you as you trust them. These are integral pillars of any relationship and one part shouldn’t expect less from the other, no matter the nature of the relationship.

And speaking about integral pillars, a submissive should also be able to voice their opinion and for the dominant to listen them and consider the submissive’s point of view. Even though the dominant has the upper hand in the relationship; the submissive has the right to express themselves and a good dominant should take those feelings and opinions into account. Never ignore them!

A submissive can voice their concerns and question their master’s motives if their requests are not met. As long as they are doing so respectfully towards their master, there is no reason why they shouldn’t speak up. It is allowed and is encouraged!

Just as well, a good dominant should care for their submissive naturally. This means a submissive shouldn’t misbehave or beg for their attention. It is expected they take care or their submissive after play is done; comforting them is important. Equally, the dominant should always administer punishment with care; punishment is not a green light to do harmful things and a good dominant knows this very well.

If at any point a submissive feels their dominant is not taking into account their feelings or they are not feeling cared/loved, they have the right to leave the relationship.

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