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Best Christmas Gifts for Submissive Partners

Christmas is a great occasion to spoil your slave a little. It is the time when you can focus on their needs first. Perhaps, even surprise them with an exciting gift they will appreciate. But what do you give your submissive? As the dominant, you are in the habit of focusing on your own pleasure and finding ways to control your submissive partner. Well, maybe the key to the perfect gift for your lover lies here. Let’s look at some of the options you have and give you some precious ideas when you want to choose the perfect gift for your submissive partner!

1. Dildos and vibrators

Dildos and vibrators might seem like basic sex toys but if your submissive partner is used to paddles, floggers and ropes, then these can be the perfect choice. These toys are part of any sexual arsenal and will be a great source of pleasure for your lover. Plus, the simple the fact they go with any other type of sex, outside the BDSM fetishes, makes them so appealing. So, don’t hesitate to go simple if you can’t come up with any brilliant or original ideas. Your submissive partner will be very excited to discover such a sexual gift under their Christmas tree.

2. “Owned” gifts

A great idea for Christmas gifts are those you can personalize with different messages. These messages would depend on the type of relationship the two of you have. Slave partners love to be “owned” and you can give mugs, t-shirts or lingerie with the word “Owned” marked on them. You can even use some name-calling both of you are turned on by. BDSM couples love verbal humiliation and you can go as far as you want when it comes to this aspect. So, use your imagination. Why not make them a nice necklace with the favorite name you enjoy calling your slave with?

3. Roleplay accessories

Just how exciting are roleplays for BDSM enthusiasts? A lot! So, you can buy them a lot of accessories to try out during your next roleplay session. Have you ever fantasize about your slave wearing a French maid costume? If you have, then Christmas is the perfect occasion to get it for them. They will love it and probably wear it at once. You can also buy them butt plugs with furry cute tails then invite them to join you for a pet and pony BDSM session, if they are not already into it. Use your creativity as well as your sexual desires when choosing the perfect gift for your submissive partner. Picking a Christmas gift is a great occasion to start new fetishes you want to explore with your lover. The first step you can make is to get the right accessories to fit your fantasy.

Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for your submissive partner might not be the easiest task in the world but it can definitely bring both of you many benefits. But it is not just sexual evident from the type of sex toy you choose to put under the Christmas tree. Doing so can strengthen your connection with your partner and become a great occasion to show your love and appreciation towards them. Bear in mind, a BDSM relationship isn’t just intense and exciting from the sexual perspective. It also has to have a foundation of love and a high level of trust if you want the freedom to experience all those kinky fantasies you have in mind. This is a good time to explore the sensitive side of your relationship and make your submissive partner fall in love with you even more. So, let your feelings lead the way and surprise your slave with an amazing gift under the Christmas tree this year!

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