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How to Clean Glass Sex Toys

I have already told you about the benefits of glass sex toys, right? They are not only beautiful works of art (seriously, they are so beautiful it’s ridiculous) but they are also incredibly fun to use. The best way to play with them is to experiment with temperature; submerging them in hot water makes them warm to the touch, creating a whole new different experience. On the other hand, placing them in ice-cold water will convert them cold, making up whole and different sensations. But as they are also beautiful (do you know some are even hand blown!?) and fun, at first sight they also look extremely fragile, so how do you take care of them? After all, you don’t want to damage a Picasso, wink*.

Some people may think the glass toy, as is made of, well, glass, can break easily, specially while you are using them. For that reason they might be inclined to think glass toys are somewhat dangerous. But I am here to assure you that is not the case. These toys are not made of regular glass you see day to day, obviously. They are usually created out of the fires of the mountains of Mordor…(he he, geeky joke, sorry wink*) The reality is they are made of a material called borosilicate glass, also known as pyrex (so chances are you have that already in your kitchen…although not in this context, clearly wink*) The reason why they use this material is that is really strong and hard to break. Of course this does not give you a green light to drop it to the floor super hard, but it can withhold some strength…like pumping out of your hand vigorously, for example, wink*. You will need to be careful though, checking for any cracks or chips before using them. If they do have any damage, you will need to retire that old friend in favor of a new model (a minute of silence, please) Oh and before I forget, you will need to use additional lubrication to make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. And because of the material, any kind will work so get crazy and use silicone, gel, any sense enhancing lotion

Good news is this material is really hygienic because it is not porous (it does not allow for any bacterial growth). You can use any toy cleaner, some soap and water or even put it in the dishwasher? To make your little work of art last as long as it is able, here some care tips to keep in mind:

  • If you are using a sex toy cleaner, make sure to be careful and follow directions in order to clean them right.
  • Assure that your toy is safe to put in the dishwater with the manufacture. If it is, you can throw it in there with the dishes. Just make sure to get them under warm water after they are done, just to make sure there are no rests of soap or fragments of food in there, wink*.
  • If you are using normal soap and water, same thing applies. Make sure to rinse it properly at the end so there are no rests of chemicals in there.
  • When you are not using it (I’m sure that will be almost never, wink*) keep your glass toy in a pouch, don’t just leave it there without care. Bouncing things against glass can create damage to it, so it’s for the best to keep it safe instead of just throwing it on a box in the drawer (think of it like your reading glasses)
  • The other alternative is to put them on display on a coffee table or a table. There’s nothing more beautiful than a glass toy, so go ahead and show yours! Just be careful of any possible damage that might occur to it, remember, accidents happen.

Either way you store it or let it show, it will always be a good idea to rinse it with some warm water before using it. Dust and other particles accumulate, so keeping it clean before using it will always be a good idea, wink*.

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