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Your Ultimate Guides to Glass Sex Toys

Ultimate Guide to Glass Sex Toys
What’s not to love about glass? This material is not porous, strong and it pairs well with all kinds oflube available in the market (it’s a win-win situation for everyone). You should know these kind of sex toys are not made of the ordinary glass we see in our house’s windows, of course not, you silly you.
Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner's Guide to Glass Sex Toys
All good things come in different shapes, sizes, colors… and materials (hehe). Glass dildos have become extremely popular and it’s easy to see why. For one thing, they are harder (always a good thing) and they create a very sleek penetration (also, a good thing!).
Best Glass Sex Toy Temperature Play Experience
It is unlikely the first thought that comes to mind when we get a glass dildo will be: “I should probably heat /cool this before using it, right?” Because, when be talk about sex toys, most people do not think about experimenting with different temperatures and I don’t blame them.
How to Clean Glass Sex Toys
I have already told you about the benefits of glass sex toys, right? They are not only beautiful works of art (seriously, they are so beautiful it’s ridiculous) but they are also incredibly fun to use. The best way to play with them is to experiment with temperature; submerging them in hot water makes them warm to the touch.
Why You Want Glass Sex Toys in Your Bondage Life
Do you ever see glass dildos and think of them as a work of art? Their visual appeal—created from high-end glass, handcrafted in clear or other colors swirling together—separates them from dildos made from other materials. Some may even mistake them for a small sculpture at first glance!

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