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Ultimate Guide to Glass Sex Toys

What’s not to love about glass? This material is not porous, strong and it pairs well with all kinds of lube available in the market (it’s a win-win situation for everyone, wink*). You should know these kind of sex toys are not made of the ordinary glass we see in our house’s windows, of course not, you silly you, wink*. They are made of Pyrex (scientific name: Borosilicate glass); a good quality toy will require more than 3000 pounds of pressure in order to break, so zero worries about breaking it when you are using them.

Glass sex toys are usually formed in the desired shape, and then they are almost melted again; this is done in order to get the most strength out of the glass and to create that beautiful smoothness you see in these works of art. That is why is so important to acquire a piece that passes that quality control. Often, glass sex toys are a sort of investment (like art!), they don’t come cheap because of the whole time and process craftsmanship takes. So if something seems especially cheap, you probably won’t be getting the best quality piece out there. Cheaper glass toys won’t necessarily break when you are using them, but they may be more prone to cracks and chips further down the line.

It’s important to know local makers and small business owners are taking more and more ground lately (yes, it’s something that also applies to sex toys, wink*). They are typically done with the help of locally based glass blowers that create good quality objects. As they are not produced in a fabric, there are not molds to fill and not all models will have the exact same size or look identical, but it does have its perks. For example, you can get in touch with the maker and make special requests. “Such as?” A very large dildo or maybe a very small butt plug for beginners, for instance. Or you can customize your toys whichever way you like. Let me tell you I’ve seen some crazy beautiful and interesting pieces, like sparkly rhinestone and Swarovski infused dildos and plugs. The good thing about glass is, it can be molded very easily what makes it perfect for customizing.

If you choose to go in this direction, make sure the person you are choosing is available and also, it does help to get to know them and their work. Think about it like choosing an architect to design your house or a decorator to do a room in your apartment; you will want to look at their portfolio or previous work and will want to discuss with them to see if they are on the same page.

Need more convincing before getting one? Here are a few more things about glass sex toys:

  • These toys pair with any kind of lubrication. Water based, silicone bases…you name it, it’s compatible. And frequently they require less lubrication than their other-materials-counterparts.
  • They are not made out of any chemicals, its just glass.
  • Given that they are glass, the clean up is a breeze through the park. They can be sterilized in hot water, cleaned with toy cleaner or even thrown in the dishwasher. Just make sure to check with the maker of your toy if all these methods are safe for your particular model.
  • They are mostly used with temperature play. You can warm them or cool them and it makes up for a great new and fantastic experience, trust me.
  • Don’t be afraid, they won’t break. Like I said before, Pyrex is very strong and was made to withstand a lot of strength, so unless you are Hulk, you will be safe.
  • Having said that, you should always check for any cracks or chips before use. They are strong, but accidents do happen and any little bump against the wrong kind of surface can chip your item. You should know that usually cracks and chips are fatal for your precious one and will probably have to get a new one (but hey, what a good excuse to get a new one, right?). And don’t forget to check if some facility nearby can recycle Pyrex, don’t forget about sustainability, wink*.

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