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How to Enjoy Wearing Latex Lingerie

Latex tends to be a material that inspires a lot of feelings in people. And who can blame them? Nothing compares to touching a garment made out of latex…and nothing compares to seeing someone wearing a latex piece wink*. For those that are just starting on this, latex can be somewhat intimidating, but that’s why I’m here for: to make you get rid of any concerns and reservations.

A great majority of people’s interest in latex usually comes from films and pop culture, so the first thing people think when you mention latex is: catsuit (fun word association). And yes, they are incredibly sexy and hot, but they can be a bit hard to wear (if you have ever used one, you know what I mean wink*). Latex is a difficult material to wear, in general. You have to start on small doses to get used to wearing it. So maybe you can begin with something like a pair of gloves, panties or even a skirt when you are feeling prepared. After a few uses you can get used to the idea and sensations of the latex against your skin, so you can progress to wearing larger and larger pieces each time.

Keep in mind the thickness of latex can vary from piece to piece. Usually most pieces are about 0.4 mm thick; this includes panties, skirts, dresses and tops. The thicker fabrics are reserved for harnesses, restraints and corsets. The rule of thumb you should remember is: the thicker the piece/latex, the less stretch will have. So plan accordingly.

Something you must use to make the whole process easier is lubrication. Yes, you heard (read) that right. You will need to be lubricated to get the clothing on and to be more comfortable. Ideally you will lubricate the piece and yourself, so double the fun, right? The thing about latex is that it sticks to the skin to getting dress is obviously quite a process. A silicone-based lubrication will make things smoother.

Let’s assume you want to wear latex stockings. First, you will have to apply lubrication all over your legs. That means feet, calves and thighs will get coated. Then, you will have to put more lube inside the stocking, using your hands to spread it around (every crevice!). To get the garment on, put your feet on it and slowly and carefully work it up your whole leg. Enjoy the process, the feeling of getting dressed with something made out of latex feels very different; nothing compares to the sensation of latex against the skin. And while we are talking about going slow, keep in mind latex is a delicate material so going slow will be for the best because you can cause damage to the piece by rushing it. Take off any jewelry that might rip it and be careful if you have long nails.

Once you are done, you can start to have fun. You can throw on a dress and go out to dinner or just enjoy the pleasures of latex at home. The visuals will be quite appealing, wink*.

After you are satisfied and want to take it off, it will be easier if you have sweated because it will slide off better (I’m sure you will have wink*). Remember, never tug, always manipulate the piece with care; suppress the need to roll it off because that will only make it tighter as you go. You can slide your hand between the piece and your skin to separate them; it will slide easier. If nothing seems to work, just get in the shower. It will make the whole process easier and faster…and will feel amazing. Maybe your partner can help?

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