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Why Your Lingerie Pieces Have to be Perfect for Your Size

The way you choose your lingerie pieces says a lot about yourself and it is very important for your overall image and sexuality. While the type of lingerie that you choose is important in terms of models and colors, you should never compromise when it comes to the size of your outfits. No matter how much you like a certain outfit or lingerie piece, if you can’t find it for your own size don’t try to work with a smaller or bigger size in the hope that others might not notice the difference. This will only damage the way you look and not bring you any benefits at all! And if you are still tempted to make such compromises, here are the main reasons why you shouldn’t and why it is so important to wear only lingerie pieces that are perfect for your size!

1. Your bra should be perfect for your breasts

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The size of your bra is always important even if you are not getting involved in a sexual encounter. A bra that is exactly your size, will compliment your breasts in an unique way. If you are wearing a complete outfit, you might get away with wearing a bra that is not exactly your size, especially if you have a t-shirt on top of it. But once your clothes are off and you are only wearing your bra and panties, all the imperfections of your lingerie will become apparent. For instance a bra that is too small will be extremely uncomfortable and will kill any sexual desire you might have while wearing it. Also, a bra that is too big will reveal more of your breasts than you want and unless you are planning to do that, this might not be a sexy as you imagine. When you have a bra that is exactly your size you will feel so comfortable wearing it that you will not feel it at all. It will not bother you in any way and your breasts will look a lot better and more attractive while you are wearing it!

2. All panties should match you perfectly in order to turn on your lover

Similarly to the bra size, the size of your panties should be perfect for your body. You can’t expect your partner to see you as sexy and beautiful as you actually are if they don’t see your body well enough. And the role of your lingerie is to attract and turn on your lover by showing them the beauty of your body just the way it is, with its fine lines and inviting curves. If you are a submissive type of partner, you want to express your body and its beauty in the best way possible to entertain your lover and make them want to control your sexuality just the way they want to. You might need to keep your lingerie on for several hours before you get to the intercourse phase, depending on the type of fetish and fantasy your dominant wants to try out with you. And you should be ready for all of them by looking as good and as sexy as you can!

3. A lingerie made for your size will increase your sex appeal.

If you wear a lingerie, regardless to its type and design, that is created for your size and compliments your body to its finest details, you will feel a lot more confident! Confidence means a lot more sex appeal, which also means new potential partners to explore your sexuality with. If you look as hot as you want by wearing a lingerie that is your size, you will also feel more open to try new sex toys like for instance an orgasm belt or a pair of nipple clamps. you can even try some edge play sex scenes if you feel ready for it since as long as you have the self confidence that you need, the sky is the limit. A woman with sex appeal is a lot hotter than any other type of woman so it is well worth it to invest in this aspect of your sexuality.

As you can see, you can compromise on many aspects when it comes to a lingerie piece but you should never compromise when it comes to its size. Only wear what works for your body because your goal is to feel comfortable and look as sexy as you want. And this goal can simply be achieved by wearing the right size of lingerie, combined with the best attitude you can have in the bedroom. Your partner could be instantly turned on by the beauty of your body, nicely shaped by wearing the best set on lingerie that you have.

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