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Latex Aftercare FAQ: Caring for Your Latex the Right Way

How do I make it shiny?

Chances are the first time you try to shine your piece, it will look shiny for a few moments but it will then lose it; but fear not, the shine will increase every time you polish and shine your piece because latex will retain the shine in its pores. You will have to be careful about it, never rub it and if you feel some heat, stop the friction. You can use any product designed for that reason, almost all of them are applied identically: spray or spread some lotion into the piece and gently pat along the surface with a cloth or with your hands. Then, leave it to dry on its own.

Where do I store it?

Before you store it, make sure the garment is completely dry. If you will not be wearing the pieces often, it’s best for you to keep them in a dark and dry place. You can then put some unscented baby powder on the insides and then lubricate or shine the outside.

It’s not recommended for you to hang it on wire hangers or straps if they have them because the piece can stretch out or loose its shape. Use big coat hangers and distribute the weight as best as you can. You should also keep your latex away from anything that’s metal (don’t use metal hangers), pennies, coins and moisture. And don’t ever let your piece into direct sunlight! If you want to dry it, let it air dry.

How do I clean my latex garment?

The easiest way is to fill the sink with lukewarm water and submerge your piece with the insides out. Swish it carefully around and when you’re done, hang it right side out and when it’s dry, turn it around and let it dry some more to be sure both sides are completely dry. You don’t want to use soap or cleaner because they tend to be too hard on the fabric and they can weaken it. You want to avoid anything with bleach or chlorine, and that includes hot tub water and pools!

How do I put it on?

Carefully! You can begin by rubbing some latex shiner on your body in order to slide it better or you can use non-scented baby powder. If you use baby powder, apply some on the garment and make sure to shake the excess out before putting it on. Don’t pull on the seams to hard; if you have too much trouble putting it on, use more lubricant or baby powder.

How do I repair it?

Latex it’s an extremely delicate fabric. You should be careful with sharp objects, including nails and jewelry. Don’t let any oils in contact with latex; use water based lotions, because oils will eventually break the fabric.

If a seam gives out, it will probably be for the best if you take it to a professional for repair.

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