January 25, 2017 2 min read

Guide to Pony Play at the Vet: A Thorough(bred) Exam

One of the best parts about pony play is playing vet. The BDSM equivalent would be medical play, so it goes along those same lines. You can have your pony all set up for a physical exam (very necessary to keep a healthy pony wink*), because it has a million possibilities… or maybe you want to do the checkups for them to breed? Wink*

When it comes to veterinary reproduction play, you can always do some semen recollection on male ponies, for instance. First you will need to clean the area thoroughlyand then you can use a vaginal sleeve to collect the sperm… or a prostate massager to get the necessary substance for you to test. If he has been a good boy, you may allow him to get an orgasm. For female ponies, why not to try to see if they can produce milk by squeezing their nipples? Wink*.

On the other hand, there are plenty of options for physical exams. Beside the possibilities, the exams will vary if you want it to be pleasurable or painful, so the options are even greater. If you are into oral everything, probably a dental exam will be the main attraction for you. If you are into anal everything, a rectal exam will probably attract you the most.

Needle play is also a possibility. It’s like acupuncture, as it involves piercing the skin with a needle. It’s also similar to piercings, except you won’t put any jewelry on it. If you like needles, you can also try injection. It’s usually done by infusing some sterile saline solution through a hypodermic needle, instead of, you know a vaccine used on equines wink*.The saline solution will make the area where it’s injected swollen and will heighten the sensibility. That is why it’s normally injected in the breasts, scrotum and labia.

For those who want to inflict some painful measures on their ponies, you can always try catheterization. Here, a catheter will either force the pony to hold the bladder or to continue to empty it. Needless to say, anything involving the urethra will most likely be somewhat uncomfortable.

Another way to scare your pony is through mock castration (obviously, it’s not for real!)The mere thought of neutering will probably make your pony terrified, so you better talk them through it so they don’t get skittish wink*. The normally used (mock) castration methods tend to be quite painful, so I advise you to really tie and restrict your pony before you try anything…

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