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Your Ultimate Guides to Pet & Pony Play

What is Bondage Pony Play?
Bondage pony play is a form of pet play that incorporates bondage and corporal punishment. It can take the form of a one-time event or an ongoing relationship between a human and their animal partner. From caring for an animal to the breaking process, here's how you can explore this fetish with your partner!
10 Tips to Ensure Your Pony Play Session is Safe, Sane, and Consensual
This type of BDSM includes using bondage to engage in erotic role-play that centers around the fantasy of being an animal in human form. It can be a fun and intense experience for both submissives and dominants, but like all bondage play, it comes with risks. Follow these simple tips to ensure your next pony play session is safe, sane, and consensual!
How to Create Your Own Playroom
If you are really serious about enjoying your BDSM activities, or just want to be able to “escape” into a special place where you can leave the real world outside, the ideal scenario is to create your own playroom, if at all possible.
3 Pet Play Scene Ideas For Dominators And Ponnies
This is why you should read the following aspects and consider them when you want to enjoy pet and pony fantasies to their fullest benefits! Here are the main tips and tricks to make your pet and pony sexual experience unforgettable!
Essential BDSM Pet Play Gear & Toys
In order to do some fun pet play you will need to acquire some necessary accessories. What exactly do you need and how many pieces and elements you get will be entirely dependent on your type of play.
Getting Inside the Mind of a BDSM Pet
Since you made it all the way through here, I’m going ahead and assume you are somewhat interested in pet play, wink*. As many before me had said before, the first step is to get interested on it, so good for you!
Pull Baby Pull! – Cart Ponies & Their Lifestyles
Oh! The world of pony play… as fun and vast as a well-taken care of pasture…or a room full with toys wink*. As with any BDSM related activity, there are plenty of new things to learn and very well defined categories.
Everything You Need to Start BDSM Pony Play
If you are interested in pony play, you may start to wonder what exactly you need to start playing. Well, to start with: a willing partner wink*. When that is sorted out, you need to figure out what is it you want to try.
How to Ride Your Pony Slave
If you have ever dreamed about riding your lovely sub or partner, this is exactly what you need to read… and yes, literally ride them, not just the way you are thinking about wink*.
Essential Toys & Gear Every Pony Must Have
If you are new to pony play or are interested in this creative BDSM play, you will need to start learning a lot of different things. Just like learning new things at school (but infinite times more fun!), pony play is a subject with its owns terms, categories and general things.
Best Safety Practices for BDSM Pet & Pony Play
Pet play is one of the greatest things about BDSM. However, as basically every other fun practice, you will always need to look into some safety measures in order for your play to be smooth and both you and your partner.
Here's What Happens in a Pony Physical Exam
In order for you to perform a physical exam on your pony, you will probably need to restrict them first…you don’t know if they will run when they see the equipment you will use wink*.
Here's What Happens at Your Pony's Dental Examination
If you are into oral things like gags and mouth play and you are interested in pony play, giving your pony a dental exam seems like a match made in heaven.
Pet Roleplay Ideas for Beyond the Bedroom
Pet play is extremely fun. Just ask anyone who has tried it and you’ll see wink*. You can either enjoy some time off as a lovely kitten or puppy… or you can be the owner of a cute kitty or a rambunctious puppy, if you so desire.
Here Kitty, Kitty! Female Kitten RolePlay
Kitten play is one of the most common and popular ways in which people partake on pet play. It dates back to a really long time ago, and it’s no surprise us humans are so tempted by it…who doesn’t love a cute little kitty? Wink*
Strict BDSM Commandments for Kitten Girl Owners
When you are calling them, refer to them as princess. They are royalty after all. Once in a while, instead of milk for their bowl, get them some chocolate milk. For a treat, fill the bowl with champagne.
Perfecting Your Pet Play Self Bondage Scene
Being tied up like a kitty or a puppy is one of the biggest fantasies when you are into pet play, And if you also like self bondage, it’s a perfect combination! Now, this scene doesn’t have a release method, so you want to plan and decide what you want to do.
Getting Into Fun & Wild BDSM Puppy Play
Puppy play is one the most common forms of pet play, probably because: who doesn’t love puppies? It plays with the master/slave dynamic a little bit in the sense someone is the owner and the other trainer will follow orders.
Basic Training for Your Pet Pony at Playtime!
The main point about having a pony is to play with it, right? And just like any other form of play, it’s going to take some effort to get there…and just like any kind of play, it’s definitely worth it wink*.
Best Tips to Put Your Showy Pony on Display
Show ponies are the pony play category in which you can train your lovely pony to compete in shows. It’s probably the showiest category.
What You Should Know About BDSM Pet Play
Pet play is one of the ways a couple can practice BDSM and the D/S lifestyle. It has a great number of members and it’s quite a well-known subculture among the lifestyle. So, want to know what is it all about? Wink*
Pet Play BDSM Contract Pet-ty Clawses & Rules
Sometimes, it is required to draw a contract in a pet play relationship. The arrangement will be different for each couple; the terms will vary and can include sexual behaviors, activities and mannerisms.
Autumn's Bondage 101: Beginner's Guide to Erotic Pony Play
You may have heard about pony play before and have asked yourself: what on earth is that? And more importantly, is it for me? Do I want to try it? So how about we start to answer those questions, come and follow me along wink*.
Let's Try Pet Play!
Pet play is a very fun way to practice BDSM so if you have already decided to try some or are thinking about it, it’s time for you to find out some things you will need in order to do it.

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