January 30, 2017 2 min read

Pet Play BDSM Contract Pet-ty Clawses & Rules

Sometimes, it is required to draw a contract in a pet play relationship. The arrangement will be different for each couple; the terms will vary and can include sexual behaviors, activities and mannerisms. If the pet will act like one 24/7, it will usually state if the pet has to walk on hands and knees, eat and drink out of a bowl, sleep in a cot, etc. If you want to go all the way and formalize your pet slave relationship, a contract is the way to go.

The normal BDSM clauses will stand, and in addition to them, the contract can include:

  • Clothes: Sometimes the trainer/owner will decide how the pet will dress and put it in the contract. Depending on the animal, the clothes and accessories will vary but they can include harnesses, horse tack, boots, masks, collars, leashes, hoods, mittens…The owner can even put it in the writing the pet has to wear padded knee pads to ease the discomfort on walking on fours.
  • Training: Some people put in the contract how the training methods will go. It can also include the punishment methods and how many days the pet will have to train. This can be especially useful for pets that require a lot of training like those into pony play.
  • Restraints: When a trainer restraints their pet, they will usually do it as role play or punishment. That can be stated in the contract, as well as for how long they are able to hold on them. Like for how long they can be left in a cage/kennel, for example.
  • Exhibitionism: The contract has to state whether public participation of animal role play will be permitted. The couple must discuss it beforehand and then put it in the contract. Some people will enjoy their pony to pull a cart in public or walking around with their puppy on a leash, so the terms should be in the contract.
  • Pampering: The contract can also include the treats and rewards your pet will receive. The types of pampering, the interaction between pet/owner, gifts and other behaviors can also be included here.

Now remember this is only a guide to help you out when you want to do a contract, so I’m sure your pet/owner contract will look different as it will be adapted to your needs specifically.

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