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Pull Baby Pull! – Cart Ponies & Their Lifestyles

Oh! The world of pony play… as fun and vast as a well-taken care of pasture…or a room full with toys wink*. As with any BDSM related activity, there are plenty of new things to learn and very well defined categories. If you are interested in cart ponies, this is exactly what you need (well, not exactly literally, but you know, helpful wink*)

As the name implies, cart ponies are trained to pull carriages, carts, wagons, chariots and basically anything you can be transported in. They can do this on two or four legs, it will depend on what you like or want. These ponies can be very show pony like because they can have elegant and very pretty tack and carts, so another plus for them.

The most used cart pony is the two legged one, simply because humans are usually better equipped to pull carts on two legs, but as I mentioned before, it also works on four legs. You will have to try and see what works, oh what a hard task wink*. The most usual method of transportation are meant to drive one or two people while being pulled by one pony, but you can find or build larger ones depending on your needs. I mean, you can even find carts that are meant to be pulled by a team or 6 ponies! Before you ask, yes, this equipment it’s a bit expensive, but it can last years and years. It’s actually cheaper to build one yourself if you have the abilities, but remember it should be really strong and well build because people will be on it and nobody wants to fall because the cart pulled apart, right?

When it comes to the terminology, it’s quite similar if not the same as with real equines, but let’s revisit:

  • Carts: these are two wheeled forms of transportation. They tend to be quite heavy and can hold several items and/or passengers.
  • Sulky: this it’s a light cart meant to carry one person and meant to be pulled by one pony. It has two wheels and in real life they are used in harness racing.
  • Chariots: they also have two wheels and in real life are usually pulled by two horses. When it comes to pony play, it can be pulled by three or four ponies, so you better learn how to be a team player wink*. Something cool about them is the driver usually remains standing in the device.
  • Carriages: these have four wheels and are designed to be pulled by either one, two, four or six ponies. Carriages tend to be really heavy and large, but you can find them in plenty of variations, just like a gag, so you will be able to satisfy your needs wink*. Oh! And they are also designed for the driver to be very comfortable…
  • Wagon: this type also has four wheels and it’s probably the heavier method of transportation you can find. Although if they don’t have any burden on, they can weigh less than carriage…but, what’s the fun in that? Does it mean I have to walk? Anyhow, one pony or two can pull them.
  • Sleigh: instead of wheels, they have runners that allow the sleigh to slide. They are pulled by one pony and they cab fit several drivers; it’s usually used on surfaces like ice or snow.

Don’t forget the driver will need long reins to correctly pull and the pony will need waist belts and harnesses. If you want to lessen the strain of the pony’s arms, you can always attach the cart to the pony’s harness to distribute the weight. It’s helpful and looks sexy. On the other hand, ponies need to be really strong and fit to pull of the carrying and pulling part cart ponies entail, so you better train them. A well-prepared exercise routine it’s a must. But hey, endorphins are great! As well as the end result wink*.

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