How Long to Wear Your Male Chastity Device

One of the first questions I always get regarding male chastity training is "how often should the man wear the device?" The next one is "how long should he wear it before achieving orgasm?" Are you sensing a theme here? Well of course you do, dear reader. And that's precisely what we are going to be discussing today.

The first thing I'm about to tell you might be of some surprise, but it's a phrase I often say: there are no guidelines. Now, as you may imagine this is something incredibly exciting because it means it can be adapted to the needs and wants of each particular person (now you can understand my excitement!)

Male chastity can come in different shapes and sizes (as so many wonderful things in life wink*). It can range from minor chastity play every once in a while to permanent orgasm denial. This is something both partners should discuss before starting a chastity program and be mindful of the changes; most likely the terms of the program could change with time, remember nothing its written in stone. To begin with, both parties should set a small trial period and start from there. Now, this could be anything from two days to a week, like I said before, everything depends on the individuals and the relationship. But as a general rule, he should be forbidden to cum for longer than he thinks will be able to take. Translation? If my man says he could only take a week without release, I'll make it 12 days instead. Yes, I'm bad like that…

Another concern I've heard are the possible damages chastity male training could have. But rest assured, I'm here to tell you male chastity has no permanent damages, nor physical or psychological whatsoever (yes, that is me jumping from joy). As long as you empty the prostate gland with some regularity, everything should be fine. As for the psychological aspect of things, constant and incredible feelings of pleasure can be cause of significant damage? Wink*

A newly locked up male will need to be accustomed first. At first some irritation and chaffing is expected; he can begin by wearing the device all night, then for a whole day and then a complete week. A week of uninterrupted use can take a while to achieve, by the way. So don't worry if it takes you a while to complete it.

One thing to keep in mind is the possible begging or complaining of the male. It is likely that at some point he'll beg to be released, but if both parties agreed beforehand that he had to go a week without release, she should stay firm to that time frame. Remember this whole process is for both parties; no matter how much he asks to be released, in his heart he actually does not want it. The key holder should stay firm in her position and will only allow his man to cum at the time that was previously established. As a matter of fact, a dominatrix may even extend the time due to all the begging that's taking place…wink*

If the whining becomes too much, the key holder could try a little technique straight out of the reverse psychology school: hand him the keys and tell him he is free to release himself. If he actually does take it off he is admitting that male orgasm denial and chastity training its not for him; this means no further mentions of the subject should be discussed in the future of the relationship (so, yeah, you may want to make this clear before handing the keys)

Now, in my experience, 99% of the time he will hand back the keys and will stop complaining for good.

Some couples actually prefer not to have a schedule regarding when he will cum. This means it can be randomly selected by the keyholder. Other men find not knowing when the release will come (he he) more exciting. If you ask me, both agreements are equally good, but about tastes and preferences… What I can tell you is the mystery often adds a whole new layer to the experience; on one hand, as the keyholder, you can tease a little more saying that "today will finally be the day he comes" and then changing your mind. This method also increases the anticipation for the man, or some have told me…

The longer a guy is denied of orgasms, the more time he will be able to keep the anticipation of sexually serving his dominatrix. As for her, the time he spends without release only build up to the anticipation when he is finally able to service her. And of course you can also use male chastity as a form of punishment instead of spanking or craning (isn't great to be the one in charge?)…

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