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Slave Chastity Training for the Out and Proud

The BDSM lifestyle is not restricted to heterosexual couples. More and more gay couples are choosing (or have chosen!) to incorporate this lifestyle or at least some elements of it to their relationship. Some men find being a Master a matter of lifestyle, while others find it more of a role-play scenario to enjoy from time to time. Either way, these are things that need to be learned and trained. If you are new to this idea, it will be a good idea to start slow and gauge the reactions as you along.

If you find you are ready to go further into this, it may be a good idea to try slave chastity training. This could be decided by the Master or by a slave that's asks to be put into chastity. There are many forms of chastity, devices are as diverse as the species on this earth, so I'm sure you will have fun choosing the right one for you wink*. The important thing is that both Master and Slave find the appropriate device for their lifestyle, and Master should inform himself on the right way to train his slave.

The slave can be kept in the device for long or short periods of time; again, it will depend on what both choose. Chastity training is usually a good form to create discipline and self control; Master is the one in charge of deciding when the Slave can be let out of the device and exactly what and can be done while not wearing the chastity wink*.

Usually slaves must be up to serve, attend and worship the Master. But for someone who is starting in this, it can be a little hard to get the hang of it. Maybe they will want to please, but they don't know how to put themselves after the needs of their Master. Especially if they don't understand how to put back their sexual needs in favor of the Master. Many men find a little discombobulating the need to serve the Master but wanting to please themselves as the same time. But if they are willing to pursue this type of chastity, they will have to keep their own desires at bay and put the focus on their Master.

Slave chastity training implies a lot of activities and adjustments of behavior that are necessary to properly achieve the training. Abstinence, chastity devices and orgasm control are methods that will help reassure that the slave's needs are secondary to the desires of their Master; the idea behind these methods is to deny the Slave of sexual pleasure at the same time they are insisting their own needs to be addressed.

Chastity devices stop and confine an increasing erection of the Slave. They come in many models, ranging from metal rings placed at the base of the cock to cages that completely engulf the penis (and it's sequential erection). They also prevent touching and masturbation, forbidding the Slave's sexual arousal. Given this devices stop and prohibit stimuli, they work. This means they are effective, even when the Master is asking sexual pleasures from the Slave, or he is stimulating him in another way or another. This forced chastity allows the Slave to adjust his sexual reactions, emotions and general ideas to the wants of the Master; it helps put the focus on Master instead of theirs.

Another method that is used to control the Slave is through orgasm control. This is regularly used after the chastity device has been effectively used.What is this orgasm control? You are probably asking. Well, this technique implies the Master will bring the Slave to the brink of climax and then stopping before they get their release, over and over again (it probably sounds a little familiar, right? Wink*)By doing this, the Slave ends up begging for mercy and agreeing to anything they are being asked to do. This method is practiced to also impart discipline and obedience to the Slave, in addition to getting them out of their comfort zone. The good thing is the Master permits release at the end…Well, at least they usually do, giggles*

Chastity training is widely used for Slaves to be capable of completely serving their Master without paying attention to their desires. It is also widely used because it's effective and gets the job done. So if you have read this (or have experimenting with this in the past wink*) and find you would like to try it in a deeper level, go ahead and talk to your partner. Who knows where could it lead…

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