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Terms for a Binding Male Chastity Contract

Want to make it official with your man and his chastity device? If you want to make it official, you will need a contract. Here are some guidelines as an example of how it could be; you can adapt from this and add o take the terms as needed. Good luck!


Chastity: Lockable device created with the intention of preventing masturbation, intercourse, infidelity and controlling sexual urges in general.

User: The person wearing the device, referred to as Husband. By this definition, the Husband has relinquished sexual control to the keyholder (Wife).

Keyholder: The person who holds the key to the chastity device will be known as the Wife. By definition the Wife is in total control of the user's sexual organs and services.


  • The Husband will wear the chastity device for a determined period dictated by the Wife.
  • This contract begins with the transfer of the keys.


  • Wife will keep the keys of the chastity device and will have one set of them in her person at all times.
  • Husband will not attempt to be release himself from the device.
  • Wife will keep one set of keys used for emergencies available to the Husband.
  • Husband agrees he must notify of this emergency to Wife as soon as he can. During this period he will not achieve sexual release.
  • Husband is aware of the punishment inflicted upon him that can occur if he attempts to self-release or if he achieves sexual release when he is not wearing the device.
  • Husband agrees that once the emergency is taken care off, he will be locked in the device again.


  • Husband will notify Wife of any health or function concerns about the device.
  • Wife will allow the removal of the device every 7 days in order to clean the device and permit the empty the prostate gland.
  • Husband agrees this releases will be supervised and is aware of the terms of the release set beforehand by the wife.
  • Husband agrees he will secure the device back on as soon as the cleaning is finished.
  • Both parties accept the releasing of the device if any medical concerns arise or extreme discomfort. During this release the Husband will not receive sexual release and he agrees to put the device back in place as soon as the concerns are resolved.


  • Husband agrees to wear the items of clothing Wife selects for him.
  • Wife agrees that clothing she makes Husband wear would not cause humiliation in public and will not interfere with work or other duties Husband may have.
  • Husband is aware Wife may wear clothing in order to tease him and he will not be entitled to sexual release because of this.

Sexual Release

  • Wife agrees that Husband is allowed 3 releases in a 60-day period. This releases will occur over a period of no less than 8 hours but no more than a day.
  • Wife will determine how the releases should be carried out, whether by sexual intercourse or by masturbation.
  • Husband is aware that Wife has sexual needs separate to his own needs. This means her releases do not constitute a release for him.
  • Husband agrees to satisfy Wife in whichever way she deems possible,
  • Husband is aware that sexual release may happen while being restrained.
  • Husband agrees Wife may release him for the purpose of sexual play but he may not be permitted to orgasm.
  • Husband agrees to use artificial aids (ex. Sex toys) to satisfy Wife.

Non-sexual releases

  • Husband is aware Wife may take off the device but he will not be expected to achieve sexual release.
  • Husband must put the device back on at the command of Wife.

General Understandings

  • Both parties acknowledge that marital decisions outside the bedroom will not interfere or have an effect in the terms of this contract.
  • Wife understands she is free to achieve sexual gratification needed from Husband when he is confinement.
  • Husband knows that rewards including sexual release are given for good behavior.
  • Both parties are aware of possible modifications to this agreement in the future, given that both parties agree to it.


  • Both parties are aware that deviations from the contract may result in the termination of it or in punishment to correct the behavior.
  • Breach of contract will result in the dissolution of the agreement.
  • Cancellation of the agreement will result in the release of Husband from the device.
  • Breach of contract by Husband will be handled at the discretion of Wife.
  • Husband agrees that humiliation, servitude, craning, flogging or other possible restraints are to be administered by Wife as a form of punishment.
  • Husband is aware that failure to accept the form of punishment may lead to the termination of the contract or other form of punishment.

Wife Signature____________________________________Date_ _______________

Husband Signature_________________________________Date____ ____________

Once the contract is signed, Husband must secure the device and hand the keys over to Wife.

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