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Understanding the Male Chastity PsyCOCKlogy

Male chastity has many benefits. Probably the first one that comes to mind is well, sexual pleasure, duh, of course, but although that is essentially the core of it, its actually a bit more profound (that's what she said, he he). The psychological aspect can be more meaningful for the couple; when a man is choosing to forego ejaculation and release, he's really relinquishing control to its partner (although many can say the submissive it's the one with all the power, but that's a topic for another conversation, meet me afterwards to discuss, wink*) When a couple achieves male chastity training, new milestones are accomplished, the dynamic of the relationship can (and will) change and both parties come out knowing more about themselves and their partner that they could have ever expected.

Like I mentioned earlier, the psychological element of this can be rooted in Freud (bet you never thought sexual and Freud went hand in hand, right? Haha) because the subconscious psyche during childhood craves the feeling of being dotted upon and the general feeling of having someone else being in charge of you. Now that you have a little more sense of those feelings, exploring this mindsets trough male chastity actually sounds quite nice, right?

Some men might be a bit scared at first, but remember: sexual intercourse and release are not the same thing. Also, we humans are animals (rawr!) and can actually be conditioned to associate sexual rewards with different incentives. So keep in mind (especially at first) to not associate the idea of punishment with chastity (or the device itself) We have to remember this is something we do for pleasure; the rewards we get are for our benefit only (trust me wink*) Yes, even if later on we choose to use chastity as punishment, at the end we get more pleasure from it, isn't that accurate? (giggles)

If you are willing to explore this experience, the first thing you need to know is that the male has to take a chastity vow (I solemnly swear…ha ha, not really…maybe? Wink*) based on mutual respect and understanding of the terms. Chastity training must start progressively; keep in mind that little by little makes a great step at the end. Start with a short amount of time, get used to the idea of not touching yourself.

Then put the device on for small periods, when you are ready and before you know it you will be locked in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without even realizing (ok, maybe you will realize it, that's kind of the point giggles*)

Something to keep in mind: as I usually say, the first time it's the hardest (in one way or another, wink*) but it gets better, I swear (scout promise) Bad mood and temper are expected when the training its taking place, think about it as if you are training for a marathon: some days will be awful, at some point you'll want to quit but if you keep it going as a challenge to yourself, the feeling you'll get when you cross that finish line are like nothing else in the world (ohh satisfaction and accomplishment, come to me!) When the male has passed that training he will realize that there is nothing more freeing for his sexuality than being in the cage.

If you are looking for inspiration, here's a commonly used challenge for male beginners: you accuse your partner of only caring about sex and not you, that he is just like the other men. The point for this is for him to prove you wrong, he will have to earn your respect. Once he accepts this and wants to prove it to you, you will propose he'll go for ___ days without sex and masturbation (at the beginning there will not be any devices involved); he will have to give up his orgasms to convince you he's not like the others. The amount of time is entirely up to you, but keep in mind the nature of the relationship, his sex drive and the amount of sex you have on daily basis. I usually go for a week because it seems like a harmless enough amount of time, but like I said before, it's entirely up to you.

Another one you could use is this: it is a known fact that men who release sexual tension trough sex and masturbation run on low energy. This means his productivity will increase if he diminishes the release; that's usually the big catch for most guys (men will be men…). The good thing is that he does not need to be having actual problems regarding productivity, but the idea he could do better is enough temptation for most men (again, men will be men…)

Or you could simply imply you are not satisfied and his performance is actually underwhelming. You'd be surprised what a male hurt ego is willing to do… wink*

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