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Take Turns Being the Boss in Bed

Being in charge can be extremely exciting during sexual stimulation and sexual intercourse and you might be into that type of sex as much as your partner is. Luckily, the dominant and submissive roles are not set in stone for all your sexual future and the charm of a complex sexual life is diversity. So, there are several reasons why you should take turns being the boss in bed and both you and your partner will enjoy them if you both have a dominant side! But let’s see what are the tips and tricks that can help you do so in a successful way and have a high level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction!

1. Don’t use the same technique that your lover uses

If you are more used to being the submissive partner in a relationship, it might not come so natural to take control even if you want to and the thought of being in charge is very exciting to you. And this might make you tempted to copy your partner’s dominant behavior even if you don’t realize that you are doing so. But even if they like to bondage you in a certain way it doesn’t mean they want it done into them. Or if they are into spanking you, that has nothing to do with wanting to be spanked as well. Some dominant prefer whips for instance or floggers, when they get to be in the submissive position and you should consider that rather than applying the same treatment to them that they apply to you. Plus, you must have some dominant instincts and fantasies yourself and this is the chance to apply them in your very own and personal way.

2. When you are the submissive, leave aside your dominant role

As a dominant, it might be a struggle to forget about your dominant side and let your partner be in complete control. Many dominants are not able to do that all the way and that is understandable since their dominant side tends to be bigger than the submissive side, in case they do have both and want to act on them. But if you don’t learn to leave the dominant desires aside, you will never enjoy the full excitement of being a submissive partner and there are many reasons why you should enjoy being a submissive. For once you can relax and detach yourself from responsibilities. And this is the best thing that you can do after a stressful day at work so don’t deny yourself of that pleasure just because you let your dominant side win the game.

3. Try new fetishes and fantasies while you are in charge

Trying new fetishes and fantasies should be a goal of every couple and if your partner is just as open as you are when it comes to their sexuality, you are one lucky person because you will have plenty occasions to explore your sexuality together. You can watch erotic videos together to get new ideas or you can share your BDSM fantasies with each other and make them come true. When you take turns being the boss in bed, you will experience a complex spectrum of sexual pleasure and satisfaction and so will your partner. Each one of you can come up with their sexual preferences and desires and combine them in order to improve your sex life and intimate relationship all together.

When you take turns being the boss in bed you need to listen to your body and sexual desires more than in any other type of sex scene. This means that you will have to also use your empathic skills to see if you can relate to both roles during a sexual encounter and enjoy them equally. Even if you prefer to be a dominant or a submissive, there are sexual benefits to enjoy in both aspects so don’t deny yourself the pleasure of discovering those benefits with your lover during some intense sexual encounters!

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