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Your Ultimate Guides to Sexual Switching

Take Turns Being the Boss in Bed
Being in charge can be extremely exciting during sexual stimulation and sexual intercourse and you might be into that type of sex as much as your partner is. Luckily, the dominant and submissive roles are not set in stone for all your sexual future and the charm of a complex sexual life is diversity. 
Why Should You Try Switching Gender Fetishes
You might just discover that you like more sex scenarios than you ever thought you would. But you should keep an open mind in order to be able to enjoy such sex scenes.
Don't Be Afraid of Switching! Here's Why!
Dan flips a coin, Michelle calls it in the air... Heads. The coin slowly flips and tumbles its way to the floor. They both wait for it with anticipation.
Ask Autumn: About Power Dynamics & Alternating Roles in BDSM
I am interested in becoming the slave in my current relationship. In the past I have always been the dominant one, but I have found a life partner who feels more comfortable in the dominant role. I have no problem switching but am unsure how to go about it. Any suggestions?
Ask Autumn: BDSM Role Switching to Shake Things Up
I was introduced to your website today by my D. It's funny browsing your site because the things you've written about your personal feelings... they could have been something I've thought, felt, or said myself. And your Master's could have come from my D, or so he tells me.
Best Tips to Shift from Sub to Domme
Congratulations! You have jumped the shark and decided to transition to a female led relationship. And for that, I bow down to you. But as you have probably found, there have been some obstacles. Most likely, speaking from experience, those pre existing cultural negative roles are giving you a hard time.
Three Benefits of Switching Roles
BDSM has two specific roles. There is the dominant, or top, of the relationship. Then there is the submissive, or bottom. While the majority of relationships involved in BDSM contain these two specific parties, there is a third that is gaining momentum. The switch.

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