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Autumn's Bondage 101: Fun Guide to Vibrating Panties

You’ve seen them while browsing through stores and online catalogs, but maybe you’re not quite sure what vibrating panties are or why should you want one, right? Well, I’m here to answer to all of your questions and a few suggestions for use as well. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want a pair, *wink

What are Vibrating Panties? They are panties usually made of cloth, leather, lace, or latex, that have a small vibrator in them. The panties have a slot over the clitoris where the vibrator sits in place and vibrates (or pulses). They come in the form of either vibrating underwear or a vibrating thong. Most vibrating panties are operated by remote control, perfect for use between lovers and double the fun.

Why are Vibrating Panties Fun? First of all, vibrating panties are great for couples! The vibrator stays put stimulating your clitoris without you or your partner having to hold it there. This way, both pairs of hands are available to do all sorts of other things (I’m sure you guys will come up with something, wink*). And since most vibrating panties come with a remote control, you won’t have to worry about being tangled up in wires, which could quickly kill the mood. With a remote, either you or your partner can access the vibrator. If you give full control to your partner, you will be at their mercy (be careful of what you wish for, wink*). That means your sexual pleasure could come at any time and to various degrees, which will often leave you helplessly begging for more! You’ll never know just how hard they’re going to give it to you…

My absolute, favorite thing about vibrating panties is their discretion—you can use them in public and no one will know (it’s your little secret) In general, the bullet vibrator used in vibrating panties is designed to create just a soft buzzing sound that will stay undetected by others, as long as whoever’s wearing it isn’t too loud, of course. You should now the thrills of public sex are one of my biggest turn-ons (maybe is yours as well? Wink*), and if you haven’t explored this option before, vibrating panties are a great introduction. An ordinary trip on the subway or even traveling by airplane can turn into an extraordinary experience when vibrating panties are added into the equation. And that’s just getting started. Many vibrating panties with remote controls come with quite a long range, so you can play in less expected places, like a boring run to the grocery store, for instance.

When picking out a pair of vibrating panties, you’ll have to consider your size. Some are “one-size fits most” and others are adjustable—be sure to pick out the kind that works best for you. If they’re too tight, there’s a chance for some discomfort, and if they’re too loose, then you’ll probably be left unsatisfied—and nobody wants that! Also, check on where exactly the vibrator is located on the panties. Everyone’s clitoris has a slightly different location— while one kind of panty will work for some, another will be better for others.

So, next time you’re out to a fancy dinner or at sitting in a boring class, don’t forget to wear your new pair of vibrating panties to keep things…a bit more interesting, wink*

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