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Your Ultimate Guides to Vibrators

Easy Guide to Choosing a Vibrator
Vibrators are a girl’s best friend… or so they say right? Wink* These are one of the main toys and principal equipment needed in order to get in charge of your own sexuality and of your own orgasms.
Autumn's Bondage 101: Female Masturbation Techniques
Masturbation is wonderful for everyone; especially for women. For some reason male masturbation is talked a bit more in general, but recently that taboo is breaking apart and female masturbation is gaining more widespread attention.
Best Sex Toy Care Tips for Your Vibrator
By this point, you are pretty well informed and dare I say, acquainted, with the benefits of incorporating a vibrator into your sex life. They are great for using on your own or with a partner and bring a lot of joy to a woman’s life. And as with anything that one loves in life and enjoys having, it’s important to take care of it in order to make the most out of it through time.
Best Guide to Choosing a Vibrator
The vibrator world can get a bit confusing, considering there are so many to choose from. On the other hand, it’s actually a good thing because it’s really easy to find one that adjusts perfectly to your needs… and helps you get that fantastic “o” in no time.
Practical Guide to Buying Your First Vibrator
Getting a vibrator is new and exciting moment in a woman’s life. I usually tend to think every woman has at least one in her drawer, but, as I’m often reminded, that is not always the case. Vibrators not only heighten arousal, but they can also make orgasms a lot more intense.
All the Fun Ways to Use Your Vibrator
Getting a vibrator for the first time can be something of a big deal (as such first things are), and you may have some anxiety about how to proceed next. The good news is you won’t have anything to worry about, vibrators are only meant to enhance a sexual experience.
Autumn's Bondage 101: Fun Guide to Vibrating Panties
You’ve seen them while browsing through stores and online catalogs, but maybe you’re not quite sure what vibrating panties are or why should you want one, right? Well, I’m here to answer to all of your questions and a few suggestions for use as well. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t want a pair.
What is the Best Type of Vibrator for You
Wow! Well, what do you want to know? Just as everything in life, there’s something for everyone. For example, don't forget that there are also vibrating toys for guys, too. You guys have been kept in the dark about vibrators for you for too long!
How to Choose the Right Vibrator
Just as each girl has her own fashion sense, shouldn't they have their own "vibe sense"? We all know each woman has different needs and likes different things, so here are a few tips to help you pick out which vibe will flip your switch most!
Vibe chooser
Each girl has her own fashion sense, so shouldn’t you have your own «vibe sense»? I think so! Here are few tips to help you pick out which vibe will flip your switch most!
Vibe FAQ

Wow! Well, what do you want to know? *g*

First of all, don’t forget that there are vibrating toys for guys, too. You guys have been kept in the dark about vibrators for you for too long! *g* (Why do you think there are gazillions of vibes for women? Because we know how great they are! Select one for yourself today!)

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