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Easy Guide to Choosing a Vibrator

Vibrators are a girl’s best friend… or so they say right? Wink* These are one of the main toys and principal equipment needed in order to get in charge of your own sexuality and of your own orgasms. There are plenty of models out there to choose from; from penetration only, to clitoral stimulation, to a combination of both, waterproof, etc. Although in the end, do you really need to choose? You can always have several models and just pick the one that works for the mood you are in. I know, I’m a box of never ending good ideas.

You can say there are three principal popular models in the market. The first one is the wand vibrator, sometimes called the magic wand and that tells you everything you should know about it, wink*. The intensity levels can be adjusted to your liking and they are just like a wand, for you to pick exactly the place where you wish to put it. They are also great for relieving sore muscles; I mean it!

Other vibrators are designed to stimulate your g spot; needless to say, they are an awesome choice, especially for those just starting in the world of vibrators. There are waterproof models as well, so if having some fun in the shower is your thing, these are a great option for you. Most of them also have a really great option of a bunch of different vibration patterns, so you can really go at it to try and figure out the best for you and the one that gets you to achieve an orgasm the fastest way (probably it will be a combination of several patterns)

And of course, there is always the famous rabbit. They are designed to bring you penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time, so it’s the best of both worlds really. The “ears” will definitely help you to get some action in the clit, while the “body’ will help you feel really full.

Once you have finally purchased the one you think will be your one true love vibrator, it will be time to really examine it before you use it. Take a good look at it and understand how it works; most toys simply have an on and an on switch, but yours may be different. Other toys may have a dial that is connected to a chord that will aid you when it comes to controlling the intensity of the vibrations. The important thing here is really become familiarized with all the options your toy has and how to use them because you will need to know them to get the most benefits out of the toy.

When you are ready to use it, don’t be afraid to get romantic…yes, even if it’s you and your vibe alone. Go, have a glass of wine, a nice meal and maybe a hot shower or a bubble bath. You can even dim the lights and light some candles around the room. And don’t forget about the music as well! You will need to let go of all of your concerns and just relax for a while.

The important thing here is to relax and really enjoy the whole experience; put your mind at ease and in blank to really focus on the wonderful sensations that you will be feeling throughout the whole process.

You will also need to use some lubrication as well. You know how important lube is, because a poor-oiled engine just doesn’t work as great as one who is, right? It’s the same thing here. Don’t skimp on the lubricant and really go all out on it.

You should try to stick with those lubes that are water based; the silicone-based lubricants do last longer but they can damage your vibrator with time, depending on the material.

Enjoy those good vibrations wink*

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