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Best Ways to Flirt with a Girl You Like

Flirting in the right way can make you attract the woman you want to spend your life with. This is a great way to sell yourself in the best possible way while also having some good time enchanting women everywhere. And you don’t need a crashcourse in this subject to excel at it, with just some right tips you will be able to become a virtuoso in the art of flirting.

Flirting through touch

    Human contact is very powerful, so it’s not a surprise it plays a huge role when it comes to flirting. Now, no one likes to be touched by strangers, so you do need to be careful at first (You don’t want to get a slap in the face…Although maybe you do want it in other ways? But let’s leave that for another occasion wink*)

    You want to start with some quick and light touches. See how she reacts and make that as a cue whether to continue or to retreat for a while. Be careful, do not to let your hand linger too much at first.

    Let’s imagine you have just met a woman and you just begin flirting with her. You may want to use your hand to lightly tap her upper elbow, for example. If she responds well, you can move on upwards using the inside of your hand to touch her upper arm, shoulder and even her back; monitor her reactions carefully because her body language may tell you this is making her uncomfortable even when she doesn’t say anything.

    The idea is to escalate things very slowly and very naturally. The more comfortable you are with each other then, the more you will be able to touch one another. So, if there is chemistry and everything goes well, you will be able to touch freely in no time.

    Playful flirting

      Some playful flirting can be a great way to have some fun while you get to know each other. This is helpful when you want to tease her and play a bit of an exciting trifle.

      To play this ‘game’ you will need to show some attention to get her interested, only to pull back a little bit. To do this, you will need to show some interest in her and at the same time throw her out a little bit at the same time. You can do this by saying things like, “You are so cute, you will make a man very happy one day” or “I love your hairstyle, it reminds me of a good friend of mine.” All you need to do is flirt with her a little, then retreat a bit to see if she will make a way to get in touch with you. This will make her keep guessing and she will try to figure you out some more, so as a result she will be more engaged.

      But use it careful because it can be too much, and she might lose interest.

      Flirting as a second nature

        If you want to incorporate flirting as part of your natural behavior, you will need to have right attitude. It is important to note this is not about learning some lines or acting in a certain way, it is all about having the right mind to do it.

        You will need to assume the woman you are flirting with is attracted to you, you will obviously need to be very confident in yourself. Without falling into arrogance, assume she wants to go home with you and is really, really into you. Just be confident that you are a nice individual, without being cocky.

        Confidence is a huge part of flirting because it makes things easier. It doesn’t matter what is your approach to flirting, the important part is to do it with confidence. You can show this through your body language and your attitude; show you are relaxed and comfortable in her presence. Be in control of your body, don’t fidget and you will be fine.

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