Eye Flirting Moves Sure to Seduce Anyone

Eye contact is the key in flirtation and seduction. To get the most out of it you want to know some moves, because yes, there are some eye flirting moves. This is the first step towards creating a connection and the first contact you will have. It also needs to be pretty good, or at least good enough to make the other person interested.

Another positive thing about eye contact flirting is you can do it anywhere without any pressure, preparation or high stakes involved. You don’t even need to be into the person to flirt a little bit. This can be simply something you do for fun.

To begin with, you can casually look their way every now and then. When you see someone you like, try to look at him or her often so they can feel your presence. The whole point of this is for you to get to know someone and for this to happen they need to know you exist and are interested in them.

But be careful not to stare at them too hard; if you do this, you may end up looking like a stalker. The idea is to stare at them for a few seconds until they notice you are staring for them to look back at you. Lock eyes with them for a fleeting second then look away. Repeat it a few times. This will ensure they get the message without you looking creepy.

The first time it may look like a coincidence, so you need to do it a few times so they know what is on your mind and what your intentions are. Think about it: if you catch someone staring at you, you may assume it is out of curiosity; but if they repeat this several times and you catch them then lock eyes more than thrice, it is not a coincidence. It means they like you.

Ideally, they should start to look your way when they notice your flirtation. You should look their way every now and then to see if they are still looking at you; once you have their attention stop staring at them and wait for them to look at you instead. They will start to wonder why you have stopped looking at them and will probably look your way to see if you have resumed your staring. This will flip the roles and will seem as if they are the one flirting with you.

Another trick is to stare from the corner of your eye. Don’t stare at someone you like directly, simply keep an eye on him or her. Eventually they will feel someone looking at them and they will look at you full front. When they look at you, stare back. This will make it seem as if the person noticed you first instead of the other way around. It is subtle but it works.

When you have built enough anticipation on their part and they are patiently waiting for you to look again, then do stare at them. But when you do, extend the time and make it a little bit longer than a few seconds.

The next step is to smile while you look away from them. Don’t grin or make it super obvious. A small smile will be more than enough. If you are with someone else, talk to them and appear busy or do something else when you are looking away. This should look very casual. Remember, you shouldn’t smile when you are looking at them, at least not now, anyway.

If the person you are flirting with seems interested and keeps looking at you too, then you should smile when your eyes lock. Look straight into their eyes and smile. If they like you, they will smile back. If this is the case, then you will want to approach them afterward. Who knows what might come next? *wink*

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