Best Ways to Indulge in Risky Flirtation

Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone can often lead to great things. In other words, it means being more open to new experiences like if you see something you like then go for it. Being spontaneous can really pay off most of the time. Flirting is a perfect example of this. You should take more risks when you flirt. Even the shy ones should do this.

The main thing to keep in mind when flirting is to take several small risks rather than a big one. It is a better practice. Moreover, it is easier. For instance, you have just met someone or you are on a date; you could say goodbye by hugging them. Why not say something flirty or be a bit more forward, ‘I really liked spending time with you.' In this manner, it will not feel like you are taking a big risk such as giving a kiss. It can be too much for some and might scare them off.

Thus, it is best to be careful when taking risks as the tendency to get impulsive can happen. Indeed, you shouldn’t go too crazy. Let's say you have had a drink or two on a date and feel quite relaxed. But too much can lead to something you will regret later on. So, it is best to leave some room to indulge in some of your impulses without embarrassing yourself then being forced to apologize afterward.

Of course, it would help if the person you are flirting with is considerate and nice. In order to know if a person is worth flirting with, make sure to trust your gut and instinct. More often than not, they are usually right. If the person treats you with respect when you first meet, then chances are they are a good person. Likewise, they respond to your texts within an adequate timeframe. In addition, are thankful for your deeds. If what they are doing makes you happy, then it is a sign they are treating you right.

But if they do not respond to you and worse ignore you, well then they ought to have a good explanation for doing so. If they can explain why and their reasons are acceptable to you, then it could be fine. However, if their insensitivity makes you feel bad then do not take the risk of flirting with them. This advice goes double if you are in an actual relationship. Bear in mind, unrequited flirting can sting.

Flirting can also be done through text or email. The lack of physical interaction can lessen your self-consciousness. Indeed, you feel freer to say things you would not if you were face to face with the object of your sexual interest. Sending a text or email message like, ‘You are incredibly sexy’ or ‘You look too hot in the outfit you were wearing today’ can be thrilling. Yet nothing beats the direct approach. Indeed, it is more exciting. So, be spontaneous. When you see them wearing something you love, go ahead and tell them right away…’Hey, those heels make your legs look sexier than normal’ or ‘By the way, your butt looks amazing in those jeans.’ Your remark would likely catch them off guard. Yet it could also tickle their fancy and possibly make them feel aroused. If so, you have a better chance of getting a positive response. Hence, your risk would be well worth it.

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