Bold Flirting Moves to Make Him Take Notice

Flirting is great to get the attention of someone you like, but sometimes you want to go the extra mile. In some cases, you want for him to really get it and in those cases; you need to be more obvious in your flirting. Usually you will want to be a bit more obvious when flirting with someone you have known for awhile yet they still don’t get the point. So in order to flirt more obviously, you want to spend some time knowing the guy and flirting a bit more subtly before you move on to greater things.

For those moments when you are standing close together, you can make sure of a very sexy move: hold his hand softly while you say something or whisper in his ear. Just remember this should look natural, so don’t overthink it or give it too much importance.

And when you are sitting beside him or right across him, you can move your foot close to him in order to touch his foot…all while you do something else. You can also do this with your arms or your shoulders. Just remember to appear busy; this gives you an air of nonchalance, making the whole thing more exciting.

When he has done something nice, either for you or in general, you want to touch him. More specifically you want to touch his face; you want to place your palm on his cheek or in his jawbone when you are giving him a compliment. This is a very obvious move that he should be able to get…and it will create the perfect compulsion for him to do nicer things… if you will touch him and compliment him that way wink*

If you want to get his heart racing, drop something on the floor accidentally or on purpose just to find an excuse to bend low right in front of him. You want to tease him a bit, so make sure he can look at your cleavage. When you feel his eyes on you, look up suddenly and catch him doing it then tease him about it and give him a hard time. This will be perfect to build up some sexual tension.

When you are saying goodbye, make sure to give him a hug…a very special hug *wink* You want to press his chest against yours so he can feel your breasts against him. If all goodbyes were the same

And on that same line, you can also show him your body in very in subtle ways. If you are wearing a new dress or a skirt (or simply something that makes your legs look great) you can ask him something like, ‘Do you think my hem is too short?’ or ‘Is my blouse too revealing?,’ ‘Are these heels too high?’ etc. Use those things to your advantage.

You can also utter cheeky comments when you are alone. You can mention something romantic or sexy when you two are together; whisper something like, ‘Why are you looking at me like you want to kiss me?’ This will make you sound bolder and will put him on the spot, whether he was thinking about kissing you or not.

Along those same lines, you can ask him to smell your perfume (when you are not wearing any). Give him your wrist and ask him if he can smell it. When he says no, put your neck instead for him to smell it. He could give you an accidental kiss wink*

To tease him some more, casually mention you have a mole in your thigh or some freckles in your cleavage or a tattoo on your back… Basically you want to tease him a bit so he will think about it constantly. Next time you wear a skirt, he will be looking for that mole…

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