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3 Ways to Be More Confident to Feel Sexy in Bed

The way you feel when you enter the bedroom is important. It can have a crucial impact on the sexual encounter you plan to enjoy with your partner. Confidence is the best sexual quality you need in bed. But sometimes it does not come naturally. While some people have a certain sex appeal giving them a high level of confidence, others are just the opposite. But not to worry, you can use certain tricks to increase your confidence and allow you to shine in front of your partner especially during your hot sexual scene.

1. Dress up for the occasion

If you want to have sex then you have to show it through certain actions you make. While this is usually considered part of foreplay, the way you look adds a visual impact no words or kisses can do regardless of how much you say or do. A new sexy outfit or a costume can impress your partner a lot, in particular having one to fit the role you plan to play for the sex scene you are about to have. Then again, if your partner prefers you naked, then by all means give them the satisfaction of seeing you in the buff. But spice it up by wearing an intense perfume or cologne you know will turn them on. You could also accessorize with a couple of oversized pieces of jewelry to improve your overall look.

2. Use toys you are confident with

None of us are an expert when it comes to every sexual toy in their sex arsenal. Even if your collection is impressive and you are into BDSM, chances are you will a have favourite toy. There is nothing to worry about if you do. When it comes to using sex toys, your familiarity and comfort can make a big difference. Hence, you feel more confident using it. From dildos to vibrators and more specific stimulator to bondage gear and electro stimulating devices, try to stick with those you feel more at ease with. While you are welcome to try something new every time the occasion arises, the novelty could reduce your sexual confidence. Then again, if you do plan to use a new toy it might be worth a try to do it together with your partner. This way you can experience it together. Remember, when it comes to sexual toys mixed with BDSM fetishes, the sky is the limit. Nothing is too kinky and nothing is too edgy.So, set your imagination free and get intimate with one toy as much as possible!

3. Talk dirty

Oh yes, this can be a great way to stimulate you and your partner. Dirty talk can open new sexual opportunities for both of you. The logic is simple: if it sounds good, it might feel good so why not give it a try? If your partner surprises you with a sexy suggestion during your regular intercourse, then take it as a good hint to try something new. By the same token, set your shyness aside and tell your partner dirty things too. Whisper in their ear as you get more and more excited with each other.

All these easy tips can help improve your sexual life and best of all it will come naturally so you will not even feel like you are making such an effort. Being sexy has no value if you don’t feel sexy. Moreover, if you don’t express it properly and if you don’t try to get the most out of it. Here is a bonus tip for you to keep in mind the next time you are planning a kinky night with your partner. Let the pleasure lead the way! Don’t set limits. An intense sexual encounter can have a positive impact on your relationship and can help you reach greater sexual satisfaction than you ever thought possible.

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