You should always feel sexy for your own sake and no one else. Feeling sexy is all about feeling confident in your own skin, appreciating and loving your personality and body. Attracting someone has nothing to do with it: feeling sexy begins and ends solely within yourself.

One thing you can always do is to make an effort in order to feel better about your appearance. Of course, everyone should feel good with the way they look but I think we can all agree that we feel a lot better when we put in some efforts. You can choose to do this entirely on your own; whether that is putting on some make up, doing your nails, blow drying your air, or even going to the salon for pampering.

Speaking of your looks, you can also try a total makeover. It doesn’t have to be something as extreme as changing your hair color or going for a haircut, you can do something as simple as changing up your hairstyle or doing your make up differently. Put on some make up, try using some concealer, some lipstick or some mascara…try to go full glam!

Another thing you can always do to make you feel more confident and happier is trying something different. Ideally, you would want to take a short trip out of town, like a weekend in the country or at the beach. But since that is not always more convenient option, you can always just try something different you have never done. For example, you can take a knitting class if you have always been wanting to try it, or take yoga classes; you can go for the hike that you haven’t done, have a drink at the bar, learn how to repair the floorboard, etc. Just focus on trying something new and you’ll see how empowered and sexy you feel afterwards.

Physical kneading is always nice and will always make you feel better. That is why you should give yourself a nice, soothing massage: try giving yourself a neck massage or even lather and massage yourself with some oils or lotion. Upgrade to a full body scrub in order to get rid of dead skins and promote cell skin turnover, this way, you will also feel revitalized.

If you want to feel sexy, you can try reading or watching something sexy, like an erotic novel or an erotic film or some porn. These things will make you feel more comfortable with your own sexuality and you can even end up touching yourself or giving yourself an orgasm, things that will make you feel really good.

I am a big believer of sexy underwear and lingerie; you don’t need to even flaunt them publicly. Having a good pair of underwear under you clothing will make you feel a million times more confident and sexy, just try it. It is worth it to invest in some good pieces or sets you know and love; get a good bra that fits you like a dream. You will walk around all day knowing you have those sexy pieces underneath and it will be your own little secret wink*

If you are looking for a quick pick me up and want to feel better about yourself instantly, you should get up and dance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to dance, the important thing is to put on some music and sway to the rhythm! And yes, you can do this in private if you are a bit self-conscious!

And since we are in the subject of physical activities, try working out! Those endorphins will make you feel strong, sexy and powerful. Get sweaty and release those tensions…

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