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Getting In Touch With Your Feminine Side

Everyone is a little masculine and a little feminine. No one is 100% the same side. When we talk about masculinity and femininity we generally refer to masculine and feminine energies. One person should have both to feel complete. It is said the feminine energy manifests itself when one is working towards something and wants to get things done. Basically it has to do with moving forward, being creative and doing things.

We tend to associate femininity with nature because hey, they call it mother Earth for a reason, right? Nature tends to be more feminine because it gives life and so a lot of energy is focused on the environment. If you want to get in touch with your womanly side then simply go outside. Sit and take in where you are at the moment, whether it is park, a jungle or by the ocean. Chances are it will make you feel revitalized.

To tap into your feminine side, begin by taking some time to reflect on your state of mind and where you are spiritually. Remember some introspection is good for you. Get in touch with and connect with who you are inside. You can do this in many ways. For example, work with a therapist who can guide you on this path to help you navigate your thoughts and experiences. If this is not possible then you can always meditate on your own to get inside your psyche.

As mentioned at the start, creativity tends to be a feminine quality. Creation comes in many ways, from creating life to cooking a meal. What is important is you express yourself like creating a painting, writing a little, dancing or even daydreaming to create scenarios and fantasies. Just imagine what you want to create and let the energy flow through you.

You should also get more in touch with your emotions because masculine energy tends to be more logical. While we all have emotions, not everyone knows how to understand them so it is normal to be confused about them. For this reason, it is so important to know yourself and understand your brain and emotions. Always listen to your inner voice because it will guide you. It may take some fine-tuning but it is worth it in the end.

In keeping with this thought, you can also put a lot of value in spontaneity and playfulness. You don’t need to do this in big ways. For example, you can put a lot of importance on relaxing. Just enjoy being in the moment. You can do more things when you don’t plan and feel more energized because of it. When it comes to relaxing, you can exercise in some way, read a book or even listen to music…whatever makes you feel the happiest.

Lastly, the feminine energy is also about being transformative because it is always moving forward like life itself. You can use this in your favor. If something it’s not working in your life, you can change it and transform it. This is a huge advantage because let’s say something not good at all happens to you, well, remember destruction brings creation as well so you have the perfect opportunity. Don’t be afraid to let go of old things or whatever is not working for you and look at the brighter side of things. The whole process may take some time and be scary as well, but it is what transformation is all about. Everything is changes constantly, even our own bodies. Think about it, remaining static in one place forever is no bueno…you are not a tree after all wink*

Throughout your life you may lose touch with your feminine side. But it is so important to be able to get it back. Now you know how and you will be back to your genuine self in no time.

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