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Easy Ways to Convert Your Bedroom to a Red Room

Bedrooms serve multiple purposes such as: relaxation, intimacy, fantasies, sexual experiences, resting, but all of them have one thing in common-comfort. And while it is important to feel comfortable in our bedroom, it is just as important to feel stimulated, especially when we open up our intimate sides within those walls. Anyone has a bedroom but how many people know how to transform their regular bedroom into a Red Room? We will show you how to do that considering two essential parts: decorating and acting.

If you want your bedroom to be a Red Room you have to first make it look like one

If you want your bedroom to become a hot Red Room, the first step you have to take is changing the colours of it. Pick a nice and exciting shade of red for your walls and find curtains and rugs that go along with it. Red is a colour of passion, love and sexual energy, all those aspects that you want to be surrounded of while you release your most intimate desires. But to have a Red Room you don’t have to limit your imagination to red. Black is another complementary colour, along with gold, and mixing these will give you a unique and exciting design. Furniture is another aspect that you want to consider. Right from the entrance, you can personalize your room with door bangers, door swings or door hangers and don’t be afraid to use them during the first part of your sexual encounter. The masterpiece of it is, of course, the bed. There are a variety of beds that you can choose from, shaped in different ways, some as hearts, some as intimate body parts, bathtubs and the list goes on and on. But even if your bed is a regular rectangular shape, there are ways to decorate it with tools that will come in handy quite often in a Red Room such as restraint systems and bed straps of all kinds that most likely will become part of your favourite fantasies. Decorate your room with sexy paintings with erotic sights such as a hot nude or even more of them. Visuals like that will inspire you to let go of all your inhibitions and just enjoy the pleasure of the moment. Also use curtains made of a soft material that will give an elegant, stylish look to your place and catch the eye of everyone invited to join you. Mirrors are a nice touch as well, especially the big ones placed above your bed, so you can admire your body and your partner’s body as you engage in mind blowing sexual intercourse.

Also, your Red Room should be equipped with accessories that you can and might want to use during your sexual experiences, things that spice up the atmosphere and help you and your partner reach new levels of pleasure. The market for bondage and BDSM toys is endless and it comes in different colours and materials so picking the best range for your needs will not be hard. You can find everything from beginner bondage gear to sophisticated accessories that will embellish your experience even more. If you are a vegan, you are in luck because there is plenty of vegan bondage gear that you can choose from and to make it even more fun, make sure you consult with your partner and see what they find exciting in the matter. Orgasms are also a thing to keep in mind when it comes to sexual encounters and to achieve a deeper one you might want to use some orgasm belts or some vibrators to help you along the way.

How to change your sexual routine into a hot BDSM experience

After you set the scene for developing you sex life, time has come to adapt your approach and actions to it. Talk with your partner and establish together what your limits are. It is a gradually explored adventure and you have to start from the beginning. First try to master the basics like spanking, tying down or using whips, in a way that inflicts more pleasure than pain. Know your partner and don’t be afraid to adapt your techniques or ask for a change of scenario if things don’t go toward a mutual satisfaction. When you are ready to get things even spicier, try using warm wax or rope and make your partner feel sexy, powerful, or at your mercy. For couples, bondage sexual experiences can bring a deeper connection and strengthen their bound. Plus, a good variety in your sex life will not just bring you closer to each other but also keep you together for a long time, since both your needs are met within the relationship and no one is forced to go look outside of it.

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