Perfect Lingerie for the Dominant in You

If you are a master or a mistress you have to look like one, especially when you get in the bedroom. A secret detail that you should take into account when you choose the outfit that you plan to wear is that leather outfits are always incredibly effective for dominants. Wearing a leather outfit or lingerie, will create the visual impression of control over your submissive partner or slave. And if you don’t have a slave yet, wearing a sexy leather outfit will give the rest of the people a hint that you are looking for such a sexual partner. Depends of course, on the environment that you choose to wear the leather but generally, in a club or at an orgy is a great choice to o for. Here are some lingerie pieces that you should definitely consider to wear if you are a dominant!

1. Leather lingerie

There are many pieces of leather lingerie for both men and women that you can wear to express your power over your submissive. You can wear leather panties, skirts or leather jackets that will impose a feeling of dominance. Your slave will feel visually stimulated by the way you look and they will feel like giving up more control in your favour. And if you have the right attitude as well, you will set the scene up for an incredible sexual encounter that will give a great sexual satisfaction to both you and your submissive. Also, pay attention to use accessories that are also made of leather or have a leather touch in order to make sure that there is a harmony between your outfit and your accessories. This is an important detail that can change your entire image without any effort.

2. Sexy outfits that cover most of your body

You don’t have to wear only lingerie if you are a dominant. As a matter of fact, most dominants show very little of their bodies during a sexual encounter. This happens because your submissive or your slave should earn somehow your beauty and each part of your body they get to see or touch comes as a privilege. If you have a foot fetish, you can choose to pick up an outfit that will allow you to explore that fetish and the same rule applies to other fetishes that you might want to experience. Find sexy outfit that shows the curves of your body in such a way that your submissive partner will be desperate to do whatever it takes to discover more of your sexuality.

3. Accessories

As a dominant, being a master or a mistress, you should always have with you certain toys as accessories, that you can use during a hot sex scene. These are not your usual accessories that you add to your image to enhance your beauty. There are objects that you can use to dominate your lover in a direct way. For instance, you can bring a paddle that is the same color as your outfit, or a nice leather whip. These toys will be like an extension of yourself and this is why it is important to have them match your overall outfit and image. Such toys should be part of any type of dominant’s sexual arsenal because you never know when your lover needs a session of impact play. You can also use sex toys such as orgasm belts if you want to give your female slave a great session of multiple sexual satisfaction. Use your imagination and add the perfect toys to your outfit in order to impress your submissive and have an amazing experience together.

4. Latex outfits

Latex outfits are very popular as well, especially among dominants. They inspire control and power in a subtle yet efficient way. Your body will look great in a latex costume or even a latex bra and panties. Most latex lingerie pieces come in the color black but you can find some red models, blue, silver, gold and even white. However, for dominants, black tends to be the best color to wear as it expresses supremacy and power at a first sight.

As you can see, you can wear a wide variety of lingerie and outfits in order to express your dominant qualities. And if you add the right accessories and sex toys to your image, you can’t fail during a sex scene of dominance and pleasure. Your slave will be willing to do whatever it takes to please you and make you happy. Because in your sexual satisfaction resides their own sexual pleasure. Combine the lingerie pieces by using your imagination, preferences and also take into consideration the fetishes that you would like to explore with your lover. If all these are in harmony, you are on for a lot of sexual fun!

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