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Quick Ways to Boost Your Confidence

We all have our off days when we don’t feel as confident as we should be. It is completely normal for this to happen, those are the days when you need something to increase your assertiveness. The good news is you can do this on your own! You just need to know what to do to make yourself feel better. Before you know it you will be back to your super confident self.

Sometimes there are a lot of complaints about social media and some of it is completely valid. At times, it can definitely lower your confidence levels. But when you are down, social media can also be an ally. Simply edit and add things to your profile. This can make you feel better about yourself because you will be able to track down the things you have accomplished or simply be in contact with your interests. It may be worth a shot.

You can also use social media to make boards about your greatest achievements or the moments you feel the proudest about. This will serve as a visual reminder of all the good things in your life. You can add anything you like: from a vacation and to kicking some bad habits out of your life.

Putting on an outfit or an item of clothing you love can boost your confidence immediately. The idea is to put on something you know looks good on you. Like wearing heels to make your legs look amazing, a bra and panty set to make you feel sexy, or your favorite dress to hug your curves in the best of ways. You don’t need to go out in the outfit. Even just walking around your house in it for a while will do the trick! You can even take some pictures of yourself wearing it, if you like *wink*

They often say dancing can cure all your troubles and sometimes they are right. All you need to do is put on some music you love and dance to it as if no one is watching (because no one is!) to have a boost of confidence. A dance party will improve your mood and will make you more confident, maybe it is the endorphins kicking in?

Do you know what else they say? Red is the color of passion. Studies have found this to be true. Wearing red draws people instantly to you. So, if you plan to go out and want to feel more confident, wear some red. Remember: when in doubt, wear red.

We may have self-doubt just before we are about to do something we consider intimidating, like making a presentation at work or asking someone out. When you are doing it, be sure to stand up straight; instead of hunching over as doing so will only make you feel more insecure. Improving your posture will make you feel more confident right away, you may think it is magic but it is only science (ask Google!)

You can also do something nice to make yourself feel better. For example, you can pay for someone else’s coffee, leave out a bigger tip, help an elderly woman with her bags or assist someone as they cross the street. These are just some of the million nice acts waiting to happen in your daily life. Remember, when we do something good for someone else, we feel instantly better (it may sound counterproductive but our ego improves right away)

Of course, you can have sex to make you feel better. Having sex and orgasms as often as you can will give an extra confidence boost when you need it. Doing so, will increase your self-esteem immediately and once again, you can actually look it up *wink* You will also feel more relaxed and happy, so it is a win-win situation all around.

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