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Seducing Your Dream Man is a Piece of Cake! Here's Why!

Ohh…how nice would it be to seduce the man of your dreams … It doesn't even have to be the man of your dreams, I mean, if you could just take home the cute guy you keep bumping in to, that'd be great. Well, what's stopping you, girl? Seducing a man is literally a piece of cake…Ok, well, not literally, but its pretty easy…And this cake can be eaten, giggles*

  • Be confident: Few little things are as attractive as confidence, and this is something that cannot be faked; you have to really believe it and feel it. How can you be more confident? Be self-assured about your ideas, thoughts and yourself in general. Don't try to be something you're not, yourself will be enough; let your personality show, don't hide!
  • Dress in something you like: First impressions are there for a reason and most men are visual. Dress in something that makes you feel sexy and comfortable; this doesn't mean you should dress in a short dress and big cleavage if that is not your style and/or you wouldn't be comfortable. If you are more of a t shirt and jeans girl, and this is what makes you feel your best, go out there and wear the most flattering jeans and t shirt you could find, wink*
  • Connection: If you are trying to get a man's attention, eye contact is your best friend. Maintaining eye contact with a man is usually the best indicator for them that a woman is interested.
  • Body heat: don't be afraid of flirting a little and use body language. Sit up straight and keep your head high. Contact and some gentle touch is highly encouraged; touch his arm when you are speaking to emphasize a point, put you hand in his knee, lean over to him when you two are talking. Some subtle flirting goes a long way.
  • Direct Message: If you are at a bar, don't be scared to take the first step by offering to buy him a drink, for example. Or if he is an acquaintance, invite him for drinks, dinner or invite him to an activity you'd both enjoy. Be direct about your intentions; if you want to have sex, invite him to your place, don't be coy about expressing yourself (and usually men love a woman who takes the initiative, so more reasons to do it) There are no written rules that women should not take the first step, so, go and take it! Wink*
  • Games? Yes! Play a game together. And if it is a competitive game, the better. Competition increases testosterone levels, and this is a good thing because it leads to higher sexual arousal. So yes, you definitely want to play some games.
  • Sharing is caring: Once you are a little more comfortable with each other, try talking about each other sexual fantasies and desires. You could talk about movies that you find turn you on and even going so far as to suggest to watch said film. You can also play a sexy version of a game like "Never have I ever", taking turns in saying sexual things you have never done but have always wanted to try. Who knows, maybe this could lead to some experimenting and next time you play, there would probably be less things in the "Never have I ever" section, wink*
  • A little massage never hurt anybody: If you are not sure how to begin physical contact, offer him a massage. You can massage his back, scalp or feet. This will send the message you want a little more physical contact, besides of relaxing him and surely turning him on a little.
  • The spot: Just as you have erogenous zones, men have those as well! (But I'm sure you have notice it before, giggles) You could try touching, kissing, licking or blowing his earlobes, neck, nipples, etc.
  • Underwearing you: Men tend to respond to visual stimuli. Wear a nice pear of underwear or some lingerie that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. If you are unsure about this, try asking for help, to either a friend or someone in the store staff. Chances are they will be more than happy to help you pick something (Girls, unite!)

Another dash of sexual confidence: Don't hold back sexually. Most men are more than happy if a woman takes the sexual lead. And even better for them is to see that a woman enjoys her sexuality and is not afraid to show it.

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