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Becoming a Master in the Art of Cosplay

If you think cosplay and costumes are a nerd's area, think again, because costumes can bring the thrill needed to make your bedroom's sessions explode with pleasure. Just imagine this scenario: your partner comes *wink* sexily dressed as your favorite comic book character or your favorite childhood superhero; gives you a little striptease or maybe, "kidnaps an innocent and gives them a most needed spanking"…I'm getting hot just thinking about it…

If you have already experimented with dressing up (or down) for the bedroom, introducing cosplay to the relationship it's not that hard. And even if you haven't, just keep in mind this is not any different from acquiring a new set of lingerie or putting some sort of clothing that your partner considers sexy. Only this time, it's going to be some sort of geeky costume or a famous superhero outfit; the excitement will make your head explode (and maybe some other parts too, hehe)

If you are unsure where to begin with, the Internet its a great place. There are a lot of sites dedicated to the different types of cosplay –ranging from sultry, to horrific, comic, sexy, whatever flows your boat- so you and your partner could look trough them for a little inspiration. Or better yet, my personal favorite, you could look at it alone and give them a special surprise. If they do not see it coming, the shock adds to the ongoing pleasure of sex and oh well… I don't think I need to tell you how this one ends, right? *wink. These days cosplay is quite popular, so if you're lucky there's probably a convention taking place in your city. Go on and take a look… just remember not to touch ;)

Although cosplay refers to clothing, you can incorporate make up and accessories to the mix. Wigs, shoes, gloves, anything can come in handy when you want to dress up for that special someone. Another thing to consider and the secret to a great cosplay bedroom session is (drumroll please)…You guessed it: the role-play. Remember, when you are in costume you are imitating a character, so you should act accordingly.

The best advice I can give you when you are introducing cosplay it's the same one you've heard a million times (and will hear a thousand more): go slow. You can start to gauge your partner's reaction and gradually start from there; maybe you could begin with some make up and a wig? A few days later try adding shoes, and so on. By now I'm sure you can start picturing the rest of that scenario, so I'll give you a moment, we've all been there *wink. You'll be a nerd's fantasy come to life in no time.

When it's time to pick a costume you should choose something that makes you feel comfortable and that in turn turns your partner on. Just remember that there are a million costume choices and it's pretty easy to get carried away with the impressive clothing and add-ons, but let's not get distracted: your main goal should be undressing. For that reason, stay away from items that are hard to get off, struggling with clothes it's never sexy (trust me). Ahh, but a little piece of advice: leave the wig on and you'll be saying "wham bam" for much later…*wink

Like a said before, the most important part of the cosplay experience should be the scenario. Here lies the most important part of the fun because it all depends on it. Are you going to be a kinky villain that ties up its victim to the bed? Or perhaps the nasty anti-hero that loves to inflict torture ("time for punishment with my whip")? Maybe you are going to be the brave superhero that rescues the poor victim from the bad guy's lair and you should be properly thanked *wink… Like role-play, the possibilities are endless and entirely up to you.

Cosplay can be both a new way to have fun in the bedroom and a great opportunity to explore new sexual identities. How far you get in this exploration is entirely up to you!

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