3 Tips to Enjoy an Orgasm Belt Even More

Orgasm belts are very popular sexual accessories among BDSM practitioners. They can be used in a multitude of BDSM scenes and bondage styles. All you need is an open mind and a great imagination to get the best out of such an interesting tool. However, if you are a beginner when it comes to using an orgasm belt, here are some tips to help you enjoy it a lot more!

1. Choose the right orgasm belt for you

The market offers many styles of orgasm belts and when you start hunting for the best of them, or the one best suited for your needs, you might need to try several ones before making up your mind. You can find orgasm belts with some bondage attachments such as cuffs, ropes or other hardware accessories. Otherwise, you can find simple orgasm belts with a vibrator or a butt plug attached. All these features make orgasm belts complex sexual accessories to leave very few sexual needs uncovered, if there’s any at all. Try them all with your lover and see which one is best for both of you and for the BDSM scenes you are planning to experience. You might even end up having more than one favorite orgasm belt and this is perfectly fine, as long as you also develop some new sexual scenes to make new accessories are part of those too.

2. Incorporate it in a complex BDSM scene

An orgasm belt can create enough sexual pleasure on its own if used correctly. The best part comes when you use your imagination and creative skills to incorporate your orgasm belt into a kinky BDSM scene. You can also combine it with a variety of bondage styles and with other sexual toys such as nipple clamps or electro stimulating devices. Make your slave wear a nice gag or hood while they are sexually stimulated with a great orgasm belt and enjoying their repetitive orgasms until you decide they have had enough.

Any dominant will enjoy the level of control they have once they make their submissive partner wear a great orgasm belt. So, you are sure to get satisfaction from it! Submissive partners also get a lot of sexual pleasure out of it because who doesn’t like to have one orgasm after another and get constant sexual stimulation?

3. Make your partner have one orgasm after another!

Speaking of orgasms, this is the best and most important function of an orgasm belt as you probably imagined. It generates orgasms and keeps them coming for as long as it is used. It also makes the submissive feel extremely controlled and vulnerable throughout their experience. They feel powerless until their dominant puts an end to it. It is an intense conflict between pleasure and exhaustion a submissive partner knows how to enjoy to the highest levels possible. It also has an intense impact on the dominant because seeing their submissive exploited at this extreme sexual level can only bring them a lot of sexual excitement and pleasure! A dominant can use an orgasm belt even as a form of sexual punishment and discipline especially when they indulge their submissive to have too many orgasms. It is quite an effective method and a very popular one.

With the sexual pleasure these orgasm belts can offer you and your partner, it is important to observe safety precautions especially if you are a beginner in this matter. One of the best safety measures you can take is establishing a safe word beforehand. This way your submissive partner can let you know if things get out of hand and if they can’t endure anymore. An orgasm belt is supposed to combine sexual pleasure generated by the continuous orgasms and the pain so appreciated among BDSM practitioners. A balance of these elements is required to be able to make the most out of such a sexual encounter.

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