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Things You Didn't Know about Orgasms

We all want to reach an orgasm, we all try new methods to satisfy ourselves and discover new and exciting ways to develop a hot sexual encounter with or without a partner. And while sex is an amazing thing that we like to engage in whenever the occasion arrives, without a sexual satisfaction translated in an orgasm it will not be worth it. But how much do we actually know about having an orgasm and what are the most intriguing aspects about this amazing experience that we aim toward? Here are some interesting things you might want to know about orgasms!

1. They get better with age

As time goes by we become more aware of our sexuality and we know better how to share it with our partners. This experience that we gather helps us not only reach more orgasms but also have better ones. We discover favourite sex toys and accessories that can improve the intensity of our sexual encounters such as orgasm belts, different dildo and new types of vibrators. We learn to appreciate anal sex and have a variety of butt plugs ready to be used. The market offers a variety of options but we need an open mind to explore them and time will get us there.

2. They might help you live longer

Studies shown that people who enjoy more orgasm per month are more likely to enjoy a longer and healthier life. There is no evidence when it comes to the connection between our body and the aging process and the number of orgasms that we have but the results are worth a fair try. Plus, all it takes to live longer is enjoying more sexual pleasure and satisfaction, so it seems to be more than a fair deal.

3. They can be achieved without sexual intercourse

There are many ways to enjoy an orgasm and not all of them imply sexual intercourse with a certain partner, or more. The most obvious way to have an orgasm without actually having sex, is masturbation and this can be just as intense as any other sexual encounter in your life. Stimulating your senses is essential when you want to reach sexual satisfaction by yourself. However, when you share a session of sexual stimulation with your partner, you can indulge in impact play, bondage games or any other form of stimulation that you prefer and even have some mutual masturbation. The sky is the limit when it comes to what can you do to achieve an intense orgasm without sexual intercourse.

4. They are a great stress reliever

Stress is the main problem of our generation and there are many medical treatments that you can follow to relieve it, as well as meditation sessions and other forms of relaxation. But why choose one of those when you can relieve your sex through intense orgasms? During an orgasm, our body releases hormones that help make us feel happier and more relaxed. Our mind is numb when it comes to our daily problems and we will simply not focus on them for at least a short period of time after we had such an intense sexual satisfaction. Having more orgasms a week will make us more relaxed as individuals and more reliable for those around us. So, there is no real reasons to pass the chance of engaging in a sexual encounter that can bring you one of those exciting experiences.

When it comes to orgasms, they are still being studied and observed by specialists in order to be understood completely. Some even consider them to be a mystery of human nature with amazing benefits for our bodies and mind but also for our spiritual side. In ancient times, sex was considered to be a spiritual encounter more than anything else and in some culture this belief is still kept until today.

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