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3 Ways to Achieve an Orgasm at Work

Work can sometimes be tedious and downright boring. How about using your imagination to make it a little more exciting? You can even include your partner into your 9 to 5 kinky plans, even if they are busy with their own job. Having such moments of intimacy throughout the day will stimulate your sexuality and help improve your relationship over time. It is a fact couples who are creative and invest in their intimate relationship can lower the risk of having affairs. Moreover, the level of trust in their relationship will increase significantly over time. If you are not sure how to spice things up with your lover while you are at work, here are some useful ideas to get you going in the right direction!

1. Wear your toys at work

While you can always improvise when it comes to satisfying your sexual desires, you should know it is easier to do so while enjoying your favourite sex toys and accessories. No doubt, you will not be able to bring a lot of them to work with you. But you can get creative with what you can bring along. For instance, you can attach a pair of nipple clamps underneath your outfit so you are ready when you have some alone time to enjoy yourself. You can also wear some inflatable panties for the same reason. Rest assured no one will be able to tell the secrets you are hiding underneath your sexy work outfit. You can even wear a butt plug or vibrating egg! No one will ever know, unless you want them to.

2. Take a kinky lunch break

It is likely you take your lunch every day at work but it is up to you to decide how to enjoy the break. You can choose to have lunch. Then again, you can lock the door to your office and get your sex toys out to enjoy them! If you have a crush at work, then this might be the time to get intimate together. Even better, if you and your partner work together, lunch breaks can be the perfect occasion for an intense quickie. In fact, some couples enjoy having sex at work a lot because the feeling of getting caught can be very exciting, if you are into this kind of fetish. If common trips to the bathroom are too risky, then lunch breaks are the perfect occasions to get a little naughty with your lover. Use your imagination and get creative to make the best out of such quickies. A quickie can help boost your sexuality and your relationship.

3. Exchange naughty texts with your partner throughout the day

If your lover doesn’t work in the same place with you no need to worry. You only need to find new ways to stay connected with each other throughout the day. It is a good thing you have plenty of options nowadays. You can send kinky texts to each other and even exciting pictures to keep you both excited. These types of games can lead to a session of phone sex throughout the day. It can also help keep things going in the right direction until you are together to enjoy being intimate with each other. For these reasons, sending naughty texts to each other during the day will have a positive impact on your sex life and your entire relationship. It might be hard to focus on your work but it would be worth it so long as both of you achieve your desired satisfaction.

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