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All You Need to Know About Ben Wa Balls

Many of us have seen this ball-like toy and wondered about its functionality. What is Ben Wa Balls? What does it do? How is it used? Many people are unfamiliar with Ben Wa Balls, but that just makes them a more exciting addition to your treasure chest. Your partner probably hasn’t used them before (especially if she is relatively inexperienced or new to the BDSM lifestyle) so this will give you the chance to surprise her with something totally new and enticing.

Said to be one of the oldest sex toys designed for women’s pleasure, Ben Wa Balls are usually believed to have originated in Asian cultures (some legends say they were used by geishas to perfect their sexual skills and strengthen their pelvic muscles). Ben Wa Balls are sometimes referred to by other names, including “orgasm balls” and “Venus balls.” They are inserted in the vagina and can be kept there for a period of time to heighten arousal and to serve as a teaser. They are available in different sizes and can be made from a variety of materials, including soft jelly/rubber substances, metal or glass. Some styles even vibrate and can be operated with a remote control. The balls are generally configured in a row of two or more, attached together in a chain formation with an extra length of material at the end to allow them to be extracted from the body easily.

Traditional Ben Wa Balls were commonly sold as separate, unconnected balls, without any sort of “chain” attached. However, those types of balls have become less popular with many people who fear the balls can get “lost” inside a woman. Plus, they can be a little more challenging to remove. Women who are experienced with using applicator-less tampons and similar inserted products are more likely to be comfortable using loose Ben Wa Balls. Plus, these balls can also be a great way to exercise your Kegel muscles.

Ben Wa Balls can be a bit of a shock at first, but can provide a uniquely erotic sensation—especially if you insert them and leave them in while you move around. You can order your partner to keep them in for a period of time—say, as the two of you attend a public event—to really extend the sensation and heighten the excitement.

Again, the rule of thumb is to start small and slow. At first, choose balls that are on the smaller side—say, the size of a small stone—until you get comfortable with the idea of having them inside of you. You can find different shapes and sizes of Ben Wa Balls at sub-shop.com. You may want to add some lube, if the balls are made from a lube-friendly material. (As a general rule, items made from silicone or latex should only be used with water-based lubricants, and metal objects may not be designed for use with lube, so read the directions or packaging.) It is also fun to experiment with exactly how you position the balls for maximum pleasure. This varies from one person to another; some like them inserted more deeply, others prefer to have them just barely inside, so they can stimulate the sensitive nerve endings.

You can build anticipation by first putting the balls in your mouth or your partner’s, after announcing that the balls will soon be slipped inside your partner. This adds a little extra lubrication to the balls.

A big part of the erotic thrill of using Ben Wa Balls is removing them. They can be removed by pulling on the string-like portion at the end, either slowly or quickly as your mood suggests. One technique is to pull them out quickly just before or in conjunction with the woman’s climax, to supercharge her orgasm. Ben Wa Balls can also be used for anal pleasure by people of either sex. Experiment with different approaches to find the one you enjoy most, or the one that allows you to best tease your partner.

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